Laapataa Ladies Movie Review: Kiran Rao’s Directorial Is A Hilarious Watch

Laapataa Ladies Movie Review

Laapataa Ladies is a new Hindi movie that premiered on March 1, 2024. It marks Kiran Rao‘s return to directing after over ten years. Additionally, the writers of the movie are Biplab Goswami, Sneha Desai, and Divyanidhi Sharma. Meanwhile, Sparsh Shrivastava, Nitanshi Goel, and Pratibha Ranta are in the lead roles. Described as funny, witty, quirky, entertaining, and empowering, it offers a refreshing take on storytelling.


Laapataa Ladies Movie Story

Laapataa Ladies Sparsh Shrivastava

Deepak and Phool, newlyweds, board a crowded train to Mukhi, Deepak’s family village. However, Phool accidentally gets swapped with another newlywed on the train. This mix-up occurs because Deepak fails to recognize Phool, whose face is covered by a red veil.

Laapataa Ladies Nitanshi Goel

Upon returning home, Deepak realizes the woman with him is not Phool but Pushpa Rani. This incident also transforms Phool into an independent and self-reliant woman and helps Pushpa Rani discover her true calling. It also prompts reflection within the patriarchal society on its shortcomings.


Laapataa Ladies Movie Review

Laapataa Ladies Pratibha Ranta

Laapataa Ladies stands out not just for its technical aspects but also for its soulful storytelling. It is also elevated by a strong script and stellar performances, particularly from three young, new actors. They carry the film admirably. Additionally, the movie is a powerful example of cinema in use for the right reasons. It tells a touching story of independence and self-reliance that is both heartwarming and thought-provoking.

Moreover, the satire effectively addresses societal issues while remaining entertaining and engaging throughout its 2-hour and 5-minute runtime. Furthermore, Kiran Rao’s direction is deft and sensitive, avoiding any sense of preachiness. The film also excels in editing, music, and cinematography, resulting in a flawless piece of art that deserves a theatre watch. Meanwhile, Sparsh Shrivastava delivers an excellent performance as Deepak.

Nitanshi Goel is endearing as Phool, with a compelling character arc. Pratibha Ranta is also outstanding in her powerful role, sparking conversation. Ravi Kishan shines as the police inspector, bringing humor and warmth to the screen. The supporting cast, including Chhaya Kadam and Geeta Aggarwal Sharma, also delivers extraordinary performances.


Final Verdict

Laapataa Ladies Ravi Kishan

Laapataa Ladies is an enchanting film that leaves a lasting impact. It is sure to be in the memories for its excellence. Meanwhile, Kiran Rao has crafted a timeless masterpiece that deserves high praise. We recommend watching this movie. Therefore, we give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

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