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Check The Reason Why Shilpa Shinde And Vikas Gupta Fought In The First Few Weeks Of BB11

Shilpa Shinde Said She Can Never Be Friends With Vikas Gupta

Shilpa Shindevia

We have witnessed the war between Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde. In the first few weeks of the show, the contestants fought like they share bad blood with each other. Everyone thought that there was an unconditional hatred between the two. However, there was a reason behind that. If a recent interview, Shilpa Shinde told that Vikas along with other producers of the show “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hair” had filed a criminal case against her.


Why Shilpa Shinde Used To Fight With Vikas Gupta

Shilpa Shinde

In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, she said, “Vikas Gupta knew that I was going to come in Bigg Boss 11 and he had kept all things ready so that I do not get in the show. They filed a criminal case against me as soon as they came to know that I was going to Bigg Boss. I am not saying that Vikas Gupta is the main culprit but the roots of all this started with him, along with the producer of the Bhabhiji Ghar pe Hai. As a programming head, he could have settled a lot of things earlier too but I remember him saying that ‘Main Aapko Ghar pe Bithaunga”.


She Will Work With Vikas Gupta On A Short Project

Shilpa Shinde

Admittedly, Shilpa Shinde has enough of the reason that will make her look on Vikas with hatred. Somehow, she tried to clear the matter and she accepted to work with Vikas Gupta for short project. The Bigg Boss winner, Shilpa Shinde said,” “In one of the tasks in Bigg Boss, I had promised Vikas that I would work with him on a small digital project. Just a two-day assignment I may have to do with him.


Shilpa Can Never Be Friends With Vikas

Shilpa Shinde

She further added,“And you never know, what he said might just be for the camera. But I can never be friends with Vikas Gupta. He tried to be friends with me on the show. I have already made my list of who will not be invited to my Bigg Boss victory party. Hina Khan is definitely one of the names I do not consider to be in the party”.

Shilpa Shinde has cleared that she is happy staying away from Hina Khan and she has also decided not to return to the daily soap. What do you say about these statements of Shilpa Shinde? Has she done right?

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