Malhar Movie Review: An Heartwarming Tale With Brilliant Performances From Sharib Hashmi And Vinayak Potdar

Malhar Movie Review Cinetales

Malhar is a Bollywood drama film. Vishal Kumbhar is the director of the movie and is also a co-writer along with Apurva Patil, Siddharth Salvi, and Swapnil Sitaram. Additionally, Praful Prasad produces it under the banner of V Motion Pictures. Meanwhile, it stars Anjali Patil, Shaarib Hashmi, Rishi Saxena, Shrinivas Pokale, Vinayak Potdar, Mohammad Samad, and Akshata Acharya in the lead roles.


Malhar Movie Story

Malhar Movie Cast

Malhar brings together three stories of a village that are interconnected. The narrative revolves around two best friends and their journey to get a hearing aid repaired. Meanwhile, a Muslim girl named Jasmine falls for Jatin who is a Hindu guy.

The movie also captures how the two try their best to be together and also the consequences that they face. Moving ahead, another story is about a newly married lady and her husband who is the son of the sarpanch. The following story captures her pregnancy struggles and the drama she faces from her in-laws.


Malhar Movie Review

Malhar Movie Plot

In the movie Malhar, director Vishal Kumbhar perfectly brings together three stories. It includes heartwarming tales of friendship, struggles, and tragedy. Every emotion in the movie is so well presented that the audience will surely resonate with it. Additionally, all three stories in Malhar are deeply connected. The cinematography is also to the point and captures the essence and the beauty of Kutch. Moreover, the dialogues also leave a lasting impression.

Moving ahead, the performances of the star cast are praiseworthy. Srinivas Pokale as Bhairav is exceptional in his role. Vinayak Potdar as Javed also steals the show. Their chemistry in the movie perfectly captures their innocence, mischief, and loyalty. Sharib Haashmi is also brilliant in the role of vendor and tour guide Mohan. His dialogue delivery will surely entertain you with the comic effect. Furthermore, Anjali Patil as Kesar and Akshata Acharya as Jasmin deliver powerful performances.

Malhar Movie

Apart from them, all the other actors also breathe life into their characters making it an interesting watch. In addition to this, the music in the movie also elevates the overall experience and the background score suits every situation. The pacing is also not an issue but it somewhat falters in the second half. Nevertheless, the movie is successful in combining heartwarming moments and harsh reality.


Final Verdict

Shaarib Hashmi Malhar Movie

Malhar delves into the themes of friendship, love, and struggle without boring you with the melodrama. Therefore, if you wish to watch something new and different then you must surely give it a watch. Despite minor drawbacks, the powerful performances of the cast are the biggest reason to watch this film. We rate this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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