Meet 27th June 2023 Today’s Episode And Written Update: Shlok Saves Sumeet

Meet 27th June 2023

In today’s episode of Meet, Sumeet drowns in the water, as Raunak had intended. Shlok saves her soon after. Furthermore, everyone feels Raunak is the ideal partner for Sumeet and would keep her happy. Is Sumeet willing to marry Raunak? What will occur? Continue reading to find out the answers to all of your queries.


Meet Today’s Episode: Masoom Is Concerned

Meet Written Episode

Today’s Meet 27th June 2023 episode begins with Masoom praising the site while Raj assures her that now that Sumeet has taken charge of the wedding plans, everything would go down without a hitch. Meanwhile, Masoom is concerned about Shagun’s response to Raj’s refusal to accept Raunak as Sumeet’s replacement. Meanwhile, Sumeet is providing directions to the event manager and climbing up to fix the light. When Raj sees Sumeet standing on a ladder, he rushes over to protect her.


Shlok Saves Sumeet

Shagun later calls Sumeet and urges her to move aside since she is not audible. Sumeet is standing next to the pool, where Raunak has already positioned a waiter to push her in. When Sumeet falls into the water, Raunak rushes out, patting himself on the back to recognize himself as a hero, just as Shlok comes racing from another way and rescues her from drowning. Raunak becomes irritated when he sees Shlok busy bringing Summeet to consciousness.


Shlok Warns Raunak

Meet Latest Episode

Sumeet later awakens to see someone caressing her hands. Raj arrives, shocked to discover Sumeet unconscious, and Raunak tells him that he saw Sumeet drowning and leaped in to save her. Later, Raj expresses gratitude to Raunak for saving Sumeet’s life, while Raunak instructs him not to mention it and to take Sumeet home. In the meantime, Raunak recalls how he tricked Shlok into leaving and taking his post just before Raj returned. After a while, Shlok appears and advises Raunak to be wary of him since he is watching him.

Meet Latest Episode Written Update

Later, when shopping with his mother, Shlok requests that she create the same tonic that she used to make for him when he got a cold. Raunak calls Shagun to tell her that their plan has worked, and Sumeet’s brother falls into their trap.

Meanwhile, Raj is concerned about Sumeet, who is continually sneezing, and informs Masoom that the wedding venue’s safety is inadequate. Sumeet, on the other hand, tells him that it is not the venue’s responsibility that she does not know how to swim and that she should correct her mistake and learn. Raj becomes concerned and warns Sumeet not to approach near water.


Masoom Is Worried

Meanwhile, Masoom is concerned that Sumeet’ rejecting  Raunak could put Vani’s marriage at risk.  Shagun instructs Raunak to go to Ahlawat’s residence since Raj will consent to have him as Sumeet’s wife. Raunak chuckles evilly and informs Shagun that their vengeance would be complete after Sumeet marries him.


Meet Spoilers: Shlok Visits Ahlawat’s House


Meanwhile, Shlok arrives at Ahlawat’s residence with a present from Badi Ma for Vani and a homemade tonic for Sumeet. Despite Sumeet’s tantrum, he gives her the tonic and assures her that mom’s tonic and the affection of close ones always succeed. Meanwhile, Masoom informs Raj that his wish for a kind and protective man for Sumeet may finally be realized because Raunak fits the criteria so nicely.

Raj Becomes Furious

Before Raj can respond, he notices Shlok enter the home and fiercely asks him about his presence. He informs him that he has come to offer something from Badi Ma to Vani, which fails to please Raj, and he pulls him out of the home when Shlok collides with Raunak. Raunak portrays the compassionate and loving cousin pleading with Raj to forgive Shlok.


Sumeet Refuses To Marry Raunak

He also informs him that he has brought a specialized doctor for Sumeeet and has canceled all of his appointments since family comes foremost. Sumeet later informs Raunak that she no longer needs doctors since Shlok’s mother’s tonic cured her magically. Simultaneously, Masoom persuades Raj that Raunak is the best option for Sumeet and will always keep her pleased. Raj admires Raunak’s characteristics as well and advises Masoom to accept Mrs. Chadhary’s proposal for Raunak. Sumeet then arrives and declines to marry Raunak.


Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet: The Drama

Despite her efforts to provide for her family, Meet’s disapproval of traditional gender conventions and her unconventional job as a delivery agent makes her an unwanted girl in the eyes of her family. It captures the public’s interest with its incredible narrative and actors. Keep an eye out for a good tale.

What do you expect to happen next in Meet? Tell us in the comments.

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