Neerja 16th August 2023 Today’s Episode Written Update

Neerja 16th August 2023

Neerja inquires about Trisha to Sartak. Meanwhile, Moushumi asks Bijoy the reason for his coming to Sonagachi. Bijoy claims he must because Neerja’s orphanage is nearby. According to Moushumi, even though the flowers flourish in waste, they appear to reach God’s feet. She feels Abeer will experience the same miracle. She feels Neerja can treat Abeer because she can already see the changes. However, Bijoy cautions her not to get too close to her since it’s a phony relationship that won’t survive long. On hearing this, Moushumi is surprised. Sartak then asks Neerja whether she’s sure about what she’s about to do, and she responds yes. Continue reading to know what transpired in this Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan episode.


Protima’s Concern

Neerja Protima
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Didun is flaunting his cash to Shabbo, who is overjoyed since Abeer’s family brings them so much money. She inquires what they would do if Neerja were evicted from the house. Didun says she may believe she got out of her home. However, she would return tomorrow, and Didun knows how to make money with her. Protima becomes concerned when she hears this. As a result, she begs God to send Neerja to a remote area where she will not have to return at any cost.


Neerja Dresses Up As Trisha

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchan Updates
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Neerja dresses as Trisha the following day and struggles to walk in her heels. When everyone asks what she’s up to, Kaushik and Moushumi tease her about trying to replace Trisha in Abeer’s life. They mock her, but she claims she’s trying to resurrect Abir by having him remember Trisha.

Everyone, including Bijoy, opposed it since it would worsen Abeer’s position. Although the condition Pishi Ma places on Neerja’s approval is that she must leave the house if she cannot transform Abir. Neerja accepts the stipulation, and Munmun is happy that Neerja will soon depart.


The Date

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchan Serial
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On the other hand, Neerja goes to wake up Abeer, and he is pleased to see her. She inquires about the important day today, but Abir recalls all important days and times except this one. Neerja then mentions that it’s their first date anniversary and invites him on a date to celebrate. Abeer quickly accepts.

Despite Sartak’s concerns, Abir grabs the bike keys and departs with Neerja. She tries to sit as far away from Abeer as possible, but Abeer rides quickly, forcing her to grab onto him. They go to the same jazz bar that Abir once visited with Trisha, and Abir has flashbacks.

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan

Neerja Serial
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It is an Indian Hindi-language television serial produced by Sudhir Sharma and Seema Sharma. The show looks deeply into the lives of a mother-daughter combo, Protima and Neerja. As they face the obstacles of living in Asia’s largest red-light district, Sonagachi, these two are motivated to overcome societal stereotypes and build a new identity.

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