Nehha Pendse Slams Haters For Trolling Her Husband For Weight

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Nehha Pendse is playing the famous character of Anita bhabi in the sitcom Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!. She filled the shoes of Saumya Tandon in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain! However, the trollers are constant in her life. Some people appreciate her work in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!. Still, few audiences troll her and say that her comic timing is not up to the mark.

Nehha Pendse Trolls

Not only professional work but also people troll Nehha Pendse for her personal life as well. Nehha Pendse tied the knot with Shardul Bayas last year. People troll her over the choice of her partner. The trollers keep on targeting her husband, Shardul Bayas, for his weight. In addition, Shardul is a two-time divorcee, and his previous marriages did not last long. Reacting to this, Nehha Pendse told in a conversation with TOI,

“I think somewhere down the line people hated me for my courage. I very strongly feel so. How dare she, how could she or how did her parents allow her to do this because we are not getting this privilege in our life. It was more of a fight like that. I have been working in this industry for such a long time but I’ve never been trolled for anything or I’ve never been in the news for my personal reasons.

This happened all of a sudden and I started getting negative publicity which I am not used to. Initially, I was asking myself why it is happening and what different I am doing. After a lot of thinking I realized that they hate me for having ba**s.”

Nehha Pendse Shardul Bayas

Nehha Pendse continued,

“They just hated me for the fact that I could do something which they can’t. Probably, they are so stuck in log kya kahenge zone or many of them might also be in love with a divorcee but because of log kya kahenge, society and parents’ pressure they are not able to take a decision. They must also be feeling that Nehha is so fit, why is her husband not fit.

Why is she not married to a fit pati? I mean marrying someone fit can’t be a criteria. I asked these trolls if their criteria is so shallow that I should marry someone who has zero intelligence but should be fit because I should get good couple pictures (laughs). I feel if their criteria is so shallow then their happiness will also be shallow.”

Nehha Pendse With Husband

Nehha said that her family always supported her and never questioned her choice. She continued,

“The fact that I was so gutsy about my choice and frankly I realised about the trolling much later. When it started getting too much and there was extensive attention towards my choice of partner, that’s when I realized oh my God I am doing something gutsy. Because my parents were cool. They told me Nehha, it is your life and you have to live your life. We are not going to come and live with you forever so you have to be comfortable to follow the decision that you have taken. 

We are not going to come and help you in either cases. If you are convinced you have our blessing. Itna clear cut or simple talk hua tha between and my parents. I won’t deny that I was a little worried initially that because Shardul is a divorcee how will my mom react and I was not worried that he is a divorcee so how should I get married.

I was worried about what thought process I should have when I am getting married to a person who has already been married twice. I never saw it as a stigma. I feel bad for people that instead of giving me a thumbs up for my gutsy behaviour they feel trolling is a better way to go about it. I just feel sorry for them.”

More power to you Nehha Pendse. You are doing good as Anita bhabi in the serial Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!.

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