Kaagaz 2 Movie Review: Satish Kaushik And Anupam Kher Do A Fine Job In This Courtroom Drama

Kaagaz 2 Movie Review

Following the remarkable success of Pankaj Tripathi‘s film Kaagaz, Satish Kaushik quickly began shooting a sequel, Kaagaz 2. However, this time, the film did not feature Pankaj Tripathi but instead starred his close friend Anupam Kher. Tragically, Satish Kaushik passed away last year, leaving everyone in shock. Nevertheless, Anupam Kher and several others came together to complete the remaining portions of the film. Meanwhile, VK Prakash is the director of the movie, which boasts an ensemble cast. It features Anupam Kher, Neena Gupta, Darshan Kumar, Satish Kaushik, Kiran Kumar, and Anang Desai.


Kaagaz 2 Movie Story

Kaagaz 2 Satish Kaushik

The narrative of Kaagaz 2 begins with Darshan Kumar’s character undergoing army training. It also delves into the layers of family discord involving his mother, Radhika, and his father, Raaj Narayan Singh. Concurrently, a clerk named Sushil Rastogi seeks justice for his deceased daughter, Arya. She died due to the negligence of several public officials and a prominent politician.

Kaagaz 2 Darshan Kumar

Sushil receives legal support from a lawyer named Narayan Singh, who represents him in court. The story also explores the court’s perception of Sushil’s grievance amidst public protests. Additionally, it highlights how this legal battle impacts his already strained relationship with his son. These intertwined elements form the crux of Kaagaz 2.


Kaagaz 2 Movie Review

Kaagaz 2 Anupam Kher

Kaagaz 2 displays genuine empathy for those affected by restricted movement due to road rallies and protests. The courtroom scenes are executed exceptionally well, surpassing many other sequences in the film. Additionally, the monologues are particularly impactful, and the performances overall are commendable. Satish Kaushik, portraying the civilian who loses his daughter, showcases exceptional control over his craft.

Darshan Kumaar also impresses as Uday, portraying his strong-headed character convincingly. His portrayal is incredibly sharp in the military segments towards the film’s end. Anupam Kher’s portrayal of advocate Rajnarayan Singh is also flawless, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Supporting actors like Neena Gupta and Smriti Kalra also deliver strong performances in their respective roles.

Kaagaz 2 Neena Gupta

Similar to its predecessor, Kaagaz 2 raises questions about laws and their enforcement. It doesn’t satirize Indian law but instead takes a direct dig at the shortcomings of government officials. However, the film takes too long to set up and reach its main point, and at times, the storylines feel disjointed. Despite this, Kaagaz 2 is more than just a courtroom drama. It is an emotional journey where viewers can connect with the characters.


Final Verdict

Kaagaz 2 leans more toward being an emotional drama than a courtroom thriller. Nonetheless, it succeeds mainly due to the strong performances of its main cast. The film effectively sheds light on a significant issue faced by civilians despite its flaws. For those interested in seeing Satish Kaushik in his final role, Kaagaz 2 is worth a watch. We give this movie a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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