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Older sibling leads their younger ones are not new, and Bollywood actors are no exception. Successful actors always inspire their younger ones to follow the lead. They are also making sure to lead them the right way. Nupur Sanon, the younger sister of Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon, has made her debut with the video song Filhaal alongside Akshay Kumar. The song became hugely popular, and its sequel was released recently. People loved the song and also praised the beauty and expressions of Nupur Sanon. Kriti Sanon has established herself with her struggle, acting, and hard work. Now she is all set to make her little sister Nupur all ready for Bollywood. Wish to know about her? Let’s get started to know some lesser-known facts about Nupur Sanon.


1. Personal Life

Nupur Sanon Family

Nupur Sanon is born and brought up in Delhi. She is the youngest daughter of Rahul and Geeta Sanon. Her father is a Chartered Accountant. Her mother is an Associate Professor at Delhi University.


2. Started As YouTuber

Nupur Sanon

Nupur Sanon started her career as a Youtuber. She sang many songs and is there on YouTube. She reportedly sang her first song, ‘Bekarar Karke,’ on Youtube in 2015.


3. Doesn’t Like To Be Known As Kriti Sanon’s Sister

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In an interview, she said that she would soon be known for her work and less as Kriti Sanon’s sister. She added that she would earn her success and fame on her own.


4. Aspiring Singer And Actress

Nupur Sanon Filhaal

Nupur Sanon is aspiring to be an actress and trying to make her career. She has been trying her hand at singing too. She reportedly sang her first song, ‘Bekarar Karke,’ on Youtube in 2015. Nupur was well praised for her voice. Later, she went on singing ‘Teri Galiyaan’, which became a huge success on Youtube. She also sang ‘Janam Janam’ from Dilwale. Nupur also sang Filhaal 2 cover.


5. Hobbies

Nupur Sanon

Nupur Sanon loves to travel. She likes to explore new places. Even she enjoys swimming. Nupur loves to listen to music and singing. According to a report by the tabloid, Nupur is very passionate about acting and singing. The sources added that Nupur has signed up for several acting workshops with Prashant Singh, Mukesh Chhabra, and Abhishek Pandey.

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