Why Pune Police Stopped AR Rahman Live Concert? What Happened Exactly?

On Sunday night, AR Rahman performed a live concert in Pune that was cut short.

AR Rahman Show Pune

AR Rahman, an Oscar winner and renowned music composer was performing live at a concert in Pune on Sunday. However, the Pune police walked up to the stage and abruptly ended the concert. ANI, the Indian news agency, tweeted about the event in the early hours of Sunday. A video from the concert emerged on the internet and quickly went viral. Fans shared their sorrow. Pune police then offered an explanation for their actions.


AR Rahman’s Concert Stopped Midway By Police, But Why?

AR Rahman

AR Rahman performed at the Raja Bahadur Mill neighborhood of Pune on Sunday. The singer exceeded the scheduled time for the concert and continued singing until 11 PM, which resulted in police officers approaching the stage and having a conversation with him. A viral video on the internet shows the officers stepping up to the stage and stopping the performance while AR Rahman was in the middle of singing the famous song Chaiyya Chaiyya. After the chat, the musician left the stage. However, according to ANI, the artist proceeded to play past the legal limit of 10 PM.

In July 2005, the Supreme Court prohibited the use of sound systems in public spaces from 10 PM to 6 AM. (Except in circumstances of public emergencies).

On the other hand, fans are dissatisfied with how the situation was handled, and many resorted to social media to express their displeasure. “Extremely disappointing of #PunePolice to shut down #ARRahman’s concert in #Pune at 10.14 PM,” one person remarked. While the 10 PM cutoff rule is understood, this is not how a visiting artist of his caliber should have been treated. He was almost through with his final song when something happened.” “The team’s concert was really good,” remarked another. The preparations, though, were the worst. The concert abruptly ended. In the center of the show, a projection was created. obscuring the entire stage view.”


AR Rahman – The Legend!

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He is well-known for his work in films other than Hindi and Tamil. As well as a variety of regional and international productions. AR Rahman has received the Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri, two of India’s highest civilian honors. As well as countless other accolades and medals for his outstanding musical abilities. He has received numerous awards, including six National Film Awards, two Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, a BAFTA, and a Golden Globe Award.

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