Super Queen 2 Grand Finale Episode Winner Name Announcement 23rd July 2023

Super Queen Season 2: A Spectacular Finale of Beauty, Grace, and Talent!

Super Queen 2 Grand Finale Winner

Zee Telugu’s Super Queen Season 2 has been nothing short of a thrilling roller-coaster ride, captivating audiences with its stunning lineup of contestants from diverse regions, all vying for the coveted crown. The wait is finally over as the grand finale of this spectacular show is set to air on Sunday, 23rd July, at 11 am, only on Zee Telugu. With the competition reaching its peak, viewers can expect an epic battle for the ultimate title of Super Queen!


Mesmerizing Semi-Finale

Super Queen 2 Winner
Zee Telugu

The semi-finale concluded with an enchanting display of beauty, talent, and grace, leaving the audience awe-struck. Host Pradeep Machiraju made a memorable entry onto the stage with the five outstanding finalists – Likhitha, Mounika, Prashanthi, Jhansi, and Suhasini. Each contestant will share their heartwarming journey on Super Queen and their immense preparation for the grand finale.

Super Queen 2 Winner and Runner Up

  • Winner – Prashanthi
  • Runner-up – Mounika and Jhansi


A Test Of Strength And Grace

The final episode promises an adrenaline-pumping experience as the Queens take on exciting tasks to prove their mettle one last time. From lifting bricks to a thrilling weight game, the competition will showcase their strength and grace like never before. With the crowning ceremony just a step away, the finalists are leaving no stone unturned to give their all, making the Super Queen Season 2 finale an unmissable event!


Dazzling Performances

Super Queen 2
Zee Telugu

In addition to the nerve-wracking competition, viewers will be treated to special performances by Sushasini, Mounika, Likitha, and Esther, ensuring an electrifying and unforgettable show. Their captivating acts will keep everyone hooked to their TV screens throughout the finale. Super Queen Season 2 has been an exhilarating journey. Therefore providing a platform for talented women to showcase their beauty, intelligence, and grace to the world. The show has inspired viewers and uplifted the spirits of many aspiring queens. Thus setting new standards of empowerment and equality.


The Crowning Moment

Super Queen 2 Finale

As the tension mounts and the moment of truth draws near. Thus all eyes are on the final announcement of the Super Queen Season 2 winner. With the fierce competition and exceptional performances, the decision will not be easy as Zee Telugu gears up for the grand finale of Super Queen Season 2. Therefore entertainment enthusiasts cannot afford to miss this action-packed event. Get ready to witness the crowning of the ultimate Super Queen and experience the thrill. Thus beauty and talent that this show has brought to our screens.

So, mark your calendars for Sunday, 23rd July, at 11 am and tune in to Zee Telugu for an unforgettable finale of Super Queen Season 2. Join us in celebrating these remarkable women who have redefined beauty and grace on their journey to the crown. Be prepared for an enthralling experience that will leave you in awe of these incredible Super Queens!

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