Rabia And Olivia Review: A Beautiful Tale Of Humanity That Touches Your Heart

Rabia And Olivia Review

Rabia And Olivia is releasing on February 24, 2023, at Disney Plus Hotstar. The film has won several awards at International Film Festivals. It is a Hinglish film produced under the banner of Synchron Entertainment and Yousef Sheikh and directed by Shadab Khan. Rabia and Olivia is a beautiful tale of humanity that will touch your heart with its emotional story.


Rabia And Olivia Story

Helena Prinzen Klague

A 25-year-old Indian girl Rabia (Nayab Khan), has migrated to Canada illegally. A 9-year-old Canadian girl, Olivia (Helena Prinzen Klague), lost her mother and suffered from an anxiety disorder. Because of this mental distress, she cannot sleep at night and cries. Olivia has been put on sedatives by her doctors, making her aggressive during the day. Most caretakers or nannies have quit their job because of her aggressive behavior.

Nayab Khan Rabia And Olivia Review

Rabia, who is in a desperate need of employment, takes up the job of Olivia’s caretaker. Rabia’s presence in Olivia’s life makes drastic changes in her behavior and she shows improvement. Slowly, the bond between nanny and the girl transforms into a mother and a child with love and affection. However, one event changes the fate of Rabia and Olivia. Rabia gets arrested for child negligence. Olivia’s condition gets deteriorated, and admitted to hospital. Will Rabia and Olivia meet again, or destiny has some other plans for them? Watch the film to find out.


Rabia And Olivia Review

Nayab Khan Helena Prinzen Klague

Rabia and Olivia is an emotional film that is close to 1 hour and 25 minutes in duration. It shows the beautiful bond that hits the right chord for the audience. Shadab Khan’s story is good. His direction keeps the heart of the story intact. Yes, the film has its own flaws but that does not alter the soul of the film. The film’s pace is slow, spoiling the momentum in between. If the storytelling could be more gripping and fast, it would have favored the film.

Sheeba Chadha Rabia and Olivia

The bond between Nayab Khan and Helena Prinzen Klague has been portrayed beautifully. Some scenes will make you emotional. Nayab Khan, Helena Prinzen Klague, and Sheeba Chadha are solid in their performances. The background score keeps the story intact. The visual is good and the songs are average.


Final Verdict

Sheeba Chadha Rabia and Olivia

Rabia and Olivia film focuses on the important subject of mental health. The tale takes you on the adorable journey of nanny and a child that you will enjoy. If you are looking for some amazing content this weekend, watch Rabia and Olivia. We give the film 3.5 stars out of 5.

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