Rosh Review: A One-Room Thriller Is Full Of Greed, Revenge, And Suspense

Rosh Review

Rosh is the latest Hindi-language drama film. It is the directorial work of Jayveer Panghaal. Furthermore, this movie will be officially released on the 12th of May, 2023. The genre of this 1 hour and 53 minutes movie is suspense, thriller, and drama. It is one of those movies where the line between good and evil becomes blurry. Both for the protagonist and the antagonist. This one-room thriller, Rosh, stars Nikita Soni, Alina Rai, Mimoh Chakraborty, and Yash Raj (YR) in pivotal roles. One-room movies are the ones where the whole group of characters makes a singular location the focal point of the story. So how does it happen in Rosh? Read on to find out the Rosh review to know more.


Rosh Story

Rosh Nikita Mimoh Alina Rai

The plot of Rosh revolves around a clash where it becomes difficult to differentiate between the hero and the villain, good and evil. On their way back from a party, Ronika portrayed (Nikita Soni), Alina (Alina Rai), and Rajat (Mimoh Chakraborty) are involved in an accident. However, this one accident literally changes everything. Soon after, the focal point becomes this one house where the major focus is on the delivery boy Ganesh (Yash Raj) and the other 3 characters. Ganesh comes in, knocks on their door to deliver a cake, and somehow manages to enter the house. Inside the house are Ronika, Alina, and Rajat, full of secrets and suspense.

Furthermore, there are many layers of mystery between the delivery boy Ganesh and businessman Rajat Khanna. Ganesh’s short visit becomes long as he unfolds several secrets and demands money from the trio. Who is right, and who is wrong? Is Ganesh an intruder at the home or a victim? A survivor or a killer? Watch the movie to find out.


Rosh Review

Rosh Alina Rai

It seems like a fun thriller watch which it indeed is. However, there are significant elements of cliche. Regardless it is a movie that focuses on bank fraud and scams that every middle-class person goes through. Therefore it is safe to say that this movie would really appeal to such a section of the audience. It focuses on a subject that is likely to strike chords with middle- and lower-class people and those who have been cheated. While the storyline may seem appealing for once, it also has some bland traits. Rosh can be a one-time watch.

Rosh Yashraj Alina Rai

The music of the movie is average. The visuals of the song, however, are appealing for once. The screenplay is a bit slow, but focusing on revenge will probably keep the audience hooked. Furthermore, Mimoh Chakraborty, son of Mithun Chakraborty, does a fair job. While some scenes are in his favor, others are not so much. Nikita Soni and Alina Rai are at par with their hotness and will surely grow with their acting and performances with experience. However, it is Yash Raj who can be helmed as the real hero of the movie. He comes in pretty late but somehow manages to steal the show when compared to others. Vrajesh Hirjee also did decent in the film.


Final Verdict

Rosh Movie Review

The movie should be a decent watch for the audience. Regardless it is likely to appeal to the masses who have been robbed and cheated in bank frauds or frauds of any type. The revenge aspect is powerful enough to make the middle and lower-class people who fall for fraud actually go for the movie. Therefore, we give the film 3 stars out of 5.

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