These 11 Movies By S S Rajamouli Apart From RRR That You Should Definitely Watch

S S Rajamouli Movies

The worldwide success of RRR has propelled director S S Rajamouli into the world arena. It received praise from all over the world and was in high demand in India. Creating a global cinema phenomenon is undoubtedly no easy job for a filmmaker. After all, RRR has broken numerous Netflix streaming records. However, Rajamouli’s achievement is also not a mystery. He soon became a fan favorite due to his dedication to the movies. Rajamouli’s cinematic ethos also emphasizes the importance of honed-to-perfection grand, singular emotions. Here are some of S. S. Rajamouli’s most popular films apart from RRR.

Student No. 1

Student No. 1 S S Rajamouli

S S Rajamouli, an iconic figure in Tollywood, is the director of the Telugu coming-of-age musical movie Student No. 1. Gajala and Jr. NTR are the movie’s stars. Additionally, the actor and the director both enjoyed success with this movie. Furthermore, Student No. 1 was also adapted as Aaj Ka Mujrim in Hindi. The story of the film centers on a young person who saves a lady from a molester. However, he ends up killing the offender in the process. Moving on, while serving a life sentence, he is permitted to pursue a legal education and manages some troublesome college students.


Simhadri S S Rajamouli

Rajamouli’s Simhadri is a 2003 Telugu action film. In addition to Mukesh Rishi, Nassar, and Rahul Dev playing supporting roles, the movie stars Jr. NTR, Ankitha, and Bhoomika Chawla are in the leading roles. The movie was also a financial triumph at the box office. Simhadri, an orphan who is reared by a wealthy family, is central to the movie’s story. He declines the proposal when the family’s youngest granddaughter falls in love with him because he cannot leave Indu. Indu is a girl with a psychiatric illness.


Genelia D'Souza Sye

The Telugu action sports movie Sye was released in 2004. Nithiin, Genelia D’Souza, Shashank, and Pradeep Rawat all appear in the film. As Aar Paar-The Judgement Day, it was also translated into Hindi. The movie Sye was a huge success. Meanwhile, Pruthvi and Sashank are central to the movie’s story. They are the heads of two competing student organizations. However, they resolve to work together to take down a mafia boss. They both defeated his squad in the rugby match to reclaim the college ground they had wrongfully taken.


Chatrapathi S S Rajamouli

S S Rajamouli wrote and directed the Telugu action drama movie Chatrapathi in 2005. Arti Agarwal, Shriya Saran, Bhanupriya, and Pradeep Rawat perform supporting roles alongside Prabhas in the film. The movie was also a smashing success and was dubbed into Hindi as Hukumat Ki Jung. When Parvati’s family is forced to flee the village, the movie’s plot is set. She and her son Shiva become separated on the Sri Lankan coast. Moving on, he struggles to meet his mother despite numerous obstacles, including his evil stepbrother.


Vikramarkudu S S Rajamouli

The Telugu action movie Vikramarkudu was out in 2006. The main actors in the film are Vineet Kumar, Anushka Shetty, and Ravi Teja. The movie was also popular and has a subsequent remake in Hindi as Rowdy Rathore. Sathibabu, a character who mimics Rathore, is central to the story of the film. After his death, he not only adopts his daughter but also takes over as a police detective. His goal is to put an end to the notoriously evil Babuji in the meanwhile.


Yamadonga S S Rajamouli

S S Rajamouli directed the fantasy-action comic movie Yamadonga in Telugu. Mohan Babu, Jr. NTR, Priyamani, and Mamta Mohandas play the leading parts in the movie. Additionally, the film was a box office and a critical success when it was out. Lok Parlok was the Hindi dubbing for it. When Azhagappan falls in love with Ramba while she is touring Earth, the plot of the film starts. He now frequently travels to heaven and meets many gods. He decides to give Yama a lesson after witnessing the death of a child one day.


Magadheera S S Rajamouli

S S Rajamouli is also the director of the romance action movie Magadheera, which was from India. Ram Charan and Kajal Aggarwal play the lead parts in the movie. Dev Gill and Srihari play other significant parts in the meantime. Additionally, it was famous as the Telugu movie with the highest box office performance. The central character of the story is Harsha, who is wrongly accused of murdering Indu’s father. Indu is also a hostage at that time. However, Harsha and Indu have a connection from prior existence. He, therefore, decides to make things right after realizing this.

Maryada Ramanna

Maryada Ramanna S S Rajamouli

S S Rajamouli’s 2010 Telugu action comedy is Maryada Ramana. The main actors are Sunil and Saloni Aswani. It was also one of the highest-grossing films of the year and also has a remake in Hindi as Son Of Sardar. The movie’s storyline involves a man going back to his hometown to sell some land in the hopes of starting a new life. He meets a girl on the journey and falls in love with her, only to learn later that her parents want to have him killed.



In 2012, S S Rajamouli directed the bilingual fantasy film Eega. Sudeep, Nani, and Samantha Ruth Prabhu all appear in the movie. The movie also has a good box office run and was having a remake with the title Makkhi in Hindi. The movie’s storyline is as follows. Sudeep, who is envious of Bindu, kills Nani because he adores Bindu. As a fly, Nani resolves to exact revenge on those who killed him. He works with Bindu to make Sudeep’s existence as miserable as possible.

Baahubali: The Beginning

Baahubali The Beginning

S S Rajamouli is the director of the epic historical fantasy movie Baahubali. The main parts in the movie include Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, and Tamannaah. Sathyaraj, Nassar, and Ramya Krishnan are also in supporting roles. The film also had a 1.8 billion budget, making it the priciest Indian movie at the moment.

Additionally, Baahubali achieved a record-breaking triumph at the box office. Its Hindi version also set numerous milestones by earning the most money of any dubbed movie in India. In the meantime, the film tells the story of the missing legitimate heir to the fictional kingdom of Mahishmati. He falls in love with a rebellious warrior and discovers his true nature as a truck. She wants to save the previous Mahishmati queen.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

Baahubali 2 The Conclusion

Hindi dubbing was also there for the historical fiction movie Baahubali 2. All of the main actors from Baahubali: The Beginning’s Part 1 appear in the movie as well. It also made history as the first Indian picture to earn over 1000 crores worldwide. It also completed this task in just 10 days. Baahubali 2 dealt with Shiva, Baahubali’s son, discovering his roots. He quickly starts looking for solutions. The narrative of Shiva is against earlier occasions that took place in the Mahishmati realm.

S S Rajamouli is always willing to go to great measures to achieve success. He is popular for being incredibly exact in his demands and relentlessly persistent in pursuing his goals. Here is a look at his filmography that provides an intriguing glimpse into how his distinct vision and manner evolved.

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