Know About Shilpa Shinde’s Love Life And History, She Called Her Relationship Off Just Before Marriage

Vikas Gupta Was Not The First One To Share Romantic Affair With Shilpa

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After winning the season 11 of Bigg Boss, Shilpa Shinde became one of the most wanted celebrities nowadays. She got a boost in her popularity everyone wants to know more and more about her. Today we will aware you of the history of Shilpa’s love life. We know that Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Sinde shared romantic affair in the past. However, Vikas was not the first one in her love life. Before dating Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde was about to get married, unfortunately, the things did not work out hence she moved on.


Rahil Azam And Shilpa Shinde

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Shilpa and Rahil worked together in the serial “Bhabhi”. In the beginning, they used to avoid each other as they have a difference of opinions but later on, they became friends. It was a case of opposite attracts and they started dating each other. The relationship did not last long as they separated before staying for a year together.


She Was About To Marry Romit Raj

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Romit Raj and Shilpa Shinde were the on-screen partners in the serial “Maayka”. It happens a lot when the on-screen couples star off-screen relation. Same happened between Shilpa and Romit. They were about to get married on 29 November 2009. However, Shilpa called the relationship off before the marriage. In an interview, she told that Romit was not adjusting. He tried to insult her family back the time she shared her problem with him.


Vikas Gupta And Shilpa Shinde

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The news was running wild that Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta used to date back when Shilpa was working in the show “Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai”. According to TV anchor and actress, Gehana Vashisht,” Vikas and Shilpa were living in relationship. Somehow, Shilpa considered Vikas to be the cause of controversies that she had with the makers of the show. She was emotionally attached to him but Vikas looked at their relationship from a physical angle. To conclude, their relationship ended.”

Rahil and Shilpa never admitted their relationship publically. Similarly, neither Shilpa nor Vikas accepted their relationship before the public. What is your thought about the love life of Shilpa? Share in the comments.

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