Slot Games On The Rise In India, Searches For Online Casino Revealed

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Casino staples like roulette and slot machines are experiencing a steady growth in popularity in India, a country that’s deeply in love with gambling.


Slots Searches Increase Over time, Online Casino Searches Reveal

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Indians are known to play with passion—be it for real money or just for fun. Classic Indian gambling genres have been the go-to picks for the local market for the longest time, but as the culture naturally evolves and with the advent of digital technology, there is now an increasing demand for more dynamic and casual gaming content, particularly among the tech-savvy young desi players.

Games that are considered to be classics on the casino floor are now enjoying steady popularity among online gambling players in India. Latest data showed that general search trends for “roulette” and “slots” have generated “consistent levels of player interest” over the past five years especially when compared with Indian class card game Teen Patti or global gambling standards like poker, according to an ENV Media study on online casino games which aggregated and analyzed data from Google Trends and SEO tools.

Slots, in particular, have shown a spike in search volumes in May and June 2021—surpassing other casino products like roulette, teen Patti, and poker in that time period. Keywords related to slots also add up to 44,000 monthly searches and have been steadily increasing in the past 24 months.

“While the ‘Western-style’ casino products are simply developing rather than exploding, they have already achieved decent traction and attracted healthy competition in terms of market supply,” the study noted.


Delhi Has The Most Slot Machine Players

Slot Machines

There’s no doubt that local players have already acquired a taste for online casino India games. The ENV Media report, which also utilized data from online casino site PureWin, showed that “slots are the undisputed winners among all casino games” with 10 out of the leading 10 states and 29 of the first state monthly performances seeing slots top gameplay bet instances.

These figures are particularly applicable to Western-influenced cities in the country. A case in point is Delhi, where it was found that tech-savvy gamers in the city are now favoring slots and sports betting over other games.

It’s worth noting that Delhi has a high internet penetration at 68 percent, according to the Internet & Mobile Association of India and Nielsen report. The city, along with Mumbai, also recorded an 0.839 HDI (Human Development Index) score—the highest score recorded in the country, largely due to high scores in areas like health, education, and income.

The surge in popularity of online casino products boils down to one important factor: they are simplified and are created with the Indian player in mind. As the ENV Media report has shown, the local online gaming market—now composed of younger, tech-savvy players—is looking for platforms with a rich catalog of games, preferably with cross-over games and especially with regularly updated content.

For operators looking to enter the Indian market, these figures are important especially as it shows how the demand for games has changed significantly in recent years. ENV Media analysts pointed out in the report, “Gaming app demand in particular skews trends and traffic towards a few established standalone mobile products – Teen Patti, Rummy, and Slots… While competitors should optimize for local favorites, they need to prepare proper visibility for the global ‘classics’ of the industry.”

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