The Kerala Story Review: Adah Sharma Delivers Career Best Performance In This Heart-Wrenching Film

The Kerala Story Review

Films depending on true events are catching the interest of both spectators and directors. The true story of Mrs. Chatterjee Vs. Norway also earned well at the box office this year. Additionally, on May 5, another movie on a true story is out in theatres. The Kerala Story is a visually compelling story that is more than an eye-opener. Here’s everything about the movie.


The Kerala Story Plot

The Kerala Story Film Adah

Shalini, Geetanjali, and Nimah are the three girls at the core of The Kerala Story. They all travel to Kerala to attend a nursing college together. Shalini and Geetanjali, however, fell prey to deception when they chose to convert to Islam and later join ISIS. Asifa, one of their roommates, builds this. The plot advances as a result of all that occurs with these girls and everything they experience.


The Kerala Story Movie Review

The Kerala Story Movie Review

The success of a movie like “The Kashmir Files” at the box office gave other films the go-ahead to tackle similarly risky and divisive topics. In addition, filmmaker Sudipto Sen now faces the difficulty of tackling a delicate and divisive subject in a significant film. Kerala Story serves as a warning of the dangers of criticizing certain components of religion in a nation like India. The film is split into two sections.

The conversion process of the girls appears in the first half. Meanwhile, the second part depicts Shalini’s experience as an ISIS member and her eventual escape. The facts presented in this movie can be a matter of debateShifting between times also keeps the two scenarios in balance. Kerala Story’s length, meanwhile, can be an issue because, considering the painful subject matter, it can feel heavy at points.

Adah Sharma The Kerala Story

Furthermore, it is essential to handle a sensitive subject or a real-life incident in a film with the utmost care. The movie also walks a careful line by being educational and avoids becoming a propaganda tool. The facts of the film can be a subject of debate but cannot be termed as propaganda. Moreover, it is genuinely upsetting to watch how abuse, deceit, and helplessness are presented.

Adah Sharma also gives a very strong and dramatic performance as Shalini. On-screen, her commitment to mastering the Malayali accent is clear. Also, keep in mind Siddhi Idnani, Sonia Balani, and Yogita Bihani as well. Despite being newcomers, they put up their best performances to make their stories come to life. Moving on, the tension rises through the background music. Looking at all of this, we can expect it to be a potential hit at the box office.

Since the movie depends on actual events, the story does not allow the main characters’ weaknesses to transform into heroism. The pain continues to the end.


Final Verdict

The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story is a daring endeavor to select and present a contentious, delicate subject. It could have been more explicit but lacks conviction. However, you must watch it to be aware and vigilant. In general, The Kerala Story contains some shockingly hard-hitting moments. Watching Adah Sharma’s superb performance is also a good idea. We give the film a score of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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