Zee5’s Moh Review: Adah Sharma Inspiring Digital Debut Is A Treat To Watch

Moh Review

Almost every one of us likes the emotional drama. It channels our emotions with a sense of empathy with the character who is going through the emotional trauma in the film. Moreover, a lot of times the situations remind us of something similar that we have personally dealt with, making it more relatable. It may leave us teary-eyed at the end but no doubt it makes a huge impact on our lives and transits our way of thinking a bit. ZEE5’s Moh is an emotional drama, and it can be considered a magnum opus in the mentioned genre. It tells all the things that we want is not exactly what we need. Of course with some over dramatization.


The Story Of Moh

Moh Review

The short film tells the story of Shruti who is in depressions and recalls her story before a psychiatrist. We are told that not much long ago, she was just like most of the youngsters. She was a college student who had her own set of dreams to pursue. Furthermore, she had her own set of rules to follow. Without caring a bit about anything or paying attention to anyone, she is happy killing free time with her cellphone. Over the years, her parents have formed a friendly bond with her and have granted her freedom. She can come home late, and her parents would never say anything against that. Now, many of us may think that this is exactly what freedom means and this is exactly what we want. However, this is not what we exactly need and you have to watch the movie to know what proves it wrong.


What We Want Is Not What We Need

Shruti lost both of her parents in an accident, and that turned her world upside down. Undoubtedly, she was not prepared for this, and that came like a shell shock to her. Now she realizes that all the things that she sought after are not the things that she needs. She feels that something close to her heart has been taken away from her. She realizes the value of what she has lost, but it is too late now. This thought kept on crushing her mind chronically, and she ended up falling into depression. The climax of the film encompasses a 3-minutes-long monologue which shows the depth of emotions of the lead character. There is no denying that the short film will bring tears to the toughest among us.


Adah Sharma Made Her Digital Debut

Moh Review

The Bollywood diva, Adah Sharma played the character of Shruti, and it is also her digital debut. She reflected both cheerful and depressed side of the character with perfection. In an interview, she said,” Moh is not the story about the struggle against depression, but it is about how the character fell into depression”. She has done her part with ease and said, “I have lost my father and trust me there is nothing compared to that loss. I know how it felt and that something helped me in this role”.


Little Things That Makes It Different

The best thing about Moh is that it assigns emotional values even to the non-living things. For example, the fur jacket is not exactly a character but has been described in a way that adds the emotional importance which, to be very honest, is pretty high.

The plot of Moh is beautifully designed to channel your emotions. Moreover, Adah Sharma has done her part with utter perfection. She is very confident that Moh would not only be well received by the audience and she would bring them to tears. So you should definitely watch this one. If you have already watched it, share your thoughts in the comments.

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