Tiger 3 Box Office Advance Booking (3 Days To Go): Salman Khan’s Diwali Release Enter Top 5 Openers Of 2023

"Salman Khan's Tiger 3 Faces Box Office Challenge on Diwali: Can it Outroar Pathaan and Enter Top 5 Openers of 2023?"

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Get ready for a Diwali extravaganza as Salman Khan returns as Avinash Singh Rathore, aka Tiger, in the much-anticipated spy thriller Tiger 3. Paired once again with the stunning Katrina Kaif, the dynamic duo promises to set the screen on fire. However, as the film hits theaters on a Sunday, strategizing to maximize the Diwali period, concerns arise about its day 1 box office performance.


The Diwali Dilemma

Salman Khan Tiger 3 Trailer

Tiger 3 faces a unique challenge with its Sunday release, coinciding with Laxmi Pujan. This festive occasion might impact the day 1 turnout, overshadowing the initial box office projections. Despite a stellar initial response, the film’s advance booking has slowed down, raising eyebrows in the industry.


Box Office Targets

Tiger 3 Trailer Salman Khan Spy Thriller

Initially poised to surpass Pathaan’s colossal opening of Rs 57 crores, Tiger 3 now sets its sights on entering the top 5 openers of 2023. The fourth spot, currently held by Rajinikanth’s Jailer with a day 1 collection of Rs 49 crores, becomes the new target for Salman Khan’s espionage thriller.


Top 10 Indian Openers Of 2023

Tiger 3 Trailer Salman Katrina Kaif
  1. Adipurush – Rs 89 crores
  2. Jawan – Rs 75 crores
  3. Leo – Rs 66 crores
  4. Pathaan – Rs 57 crores
  5. Jailer – Rs 49 crores
  6. Gadar 2 – Rs 40.10 crores
  7. Veera Simha Reddy – Rs 34 crores
  8. Bro – Rs 30 crores
  9. Waltair Veerayya – Rs 29.80 crores
  10. Varisu – Rs 28.50 crores


Advance Booking Buzz

Tiger 3 Trailer Emraan Hashmi

Tiger 3’s advance booking report after five days reveals a pre-sales business of around Rs 10 crores. Despite the initial sluggishness, the film has sold over Rs 3.6 lakh tickets, generating excitement among fans. With a grand Diwali release, the film eyes a rare Sunday opening, followed by a potentially massive Monday collection. While the current ticket sales may seem slower, the momentum is expected to surge as the weekend unfolds. With the festive spirit in full swing, Tiger 3 aims to cross the Rs 100 crore mark at the worldwide box office. Though reaching Pathaan’s staggering pre-sales gross of Rs 32.43 crores appears challenging, Saturday’s numbers will provide a clearer picture.


Star-Studded Spy Universe

Tiger 3 Trailer Katrina Kaif

Tiger 3 marks the fifth installment in YRF’s spy universe, featuring Salman Khan as Tiger, Shah Rukh Khan as ‘Pathaan,’ and Hrithik Roshan as Kabir from ‘War.’ Emraan Hashmi takes on the lead villain role, sparking intrigue among fans who connect his character, Aatish Rahmani, to Tiger Shroff’s Khalid Rahmani from ‘War.’ As the excitement builds for the grand Diwali release of Tiger 3, the film faces the challenge of a unique release date and tough competition from the top openers of 2023. Can Salman Khan’s spy thriller outshine the festivities and roar into the top 5? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – Tiger 3 promises to be a Diwali entertainer of epic proportions. Stay tuned for all the latest updates on Tiger 3’s box office journey!

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