These Are The Must Have Traditional Indian Accessories For Men

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Accessories are a much-discussed topic when it comes to men’s fashion. Be it the tie you wear with your office formals or the footwear you pair with a kurta, accessories signify your attention to detail. If paired well, they can instantly elevate your look and help create a good impression on others.

While pairing accessories with formal or casual wear can be easy, finding accessories to pair with ethnic outfits for men can be challenging. The colorful traditional wear requires accessories like men Kadas or gold chain, which exhibits both the spirit of the attire and the occasion. Thus, this article will discuss the different traditional Indian accessories men must-have.


10 Must-have Traditional Indian Accessories For Men

Traditional Indian Accessories


1. Necklace

Just like the time of monarchs, wearing necklaces with traditional wear is still a popular fashion statement. There are different kinds of chains, cords, and pendants available to make your necklace. It’s best to choose the necklace’s material, color, and length depending on what you are wearing. For example, silver and gold chain men go well with most traditional outfits; without a pendant, you can also wear them with casual attires.


2. Bracelets

Bracelets have taken the men’s fashion world by storm. Be it beaded or chained, bracelets add an oomph factor to your royal ethnic look. If you can coordinate the color of your outfit to your bracelet, it gets even better. While chain bracelets are elegant, beaded bracelets can make you look cool in semi-traditional wear. If you do not want to wear a bracelet, men’s Kada is a good alternative.


3. Rings

If chosen correctly, rings can lift the look of your traditional attire. Whether you want to keep it simple or want to make a statement, rings can easily help you do that. You can wear rings with jewels on them or go for simple band rings, depending on your outfit and motive. Weddings are one of those occasions when you can go overboard with jewel rings. Otherwise, flat rings make a good choice for casual ethnic wear.


4. Stoles

An accessory that is versatile enough to be worn in any season is a stole. Made out of different fabrics such as cotton, silk, pashmina, or chiffon, a stole can be effortlessly paired with any ethnic outfit of your choice. There are different sizes and colors of stoles available too. So be it winter or summer, you can give yourself an elegant look by wearing a stole.


5. Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are a must if you want to look like a gentleman during those traditional events. It is a small piece of cloth tugged into the chest pocket. Although available in different colors, white pocket squares are the most used accessory for formal occasions. But for pairing with an ethnic outfit you can get a pocket square of any color, fabric, pattern, and fold; it’s best to choose one that suits the fabric and color of your outfit.


6. Brooch

Whether you are wearing a sherwani or suit, a brooch can add a touch of elegance to your overall look. Brooches are of different patterns and designs; they can either be made of a single piece of metal or attached to chains. You should personalize your outfit by positioning it strategically on the lapel. Brooches in the form of flowers or birds are most commonly worn with different traditional attire.


7. Juttis

While accessorizing the upper part of the body is important, the lower part cannot be ignored either. So, one way of accessorizing the lower body is through footwear, and what better than a jutti when it comes to traditional wear. Juttis can help you put your whole ethnic wear in place, by blending in seamlessly with the rest of the elements. Moreover, they go well with every type of traditional wear, starting from dhoti-kurta to sherwanis and jackets.


8. Kurta Buttons

Nothing can be more detailed than choosing a kurta button for your traditional look. You can choose to be simple by getting solid buttons that match the color of your outfit or go over the board with contrasting kurta buttons. Some prefer wearing golden kurta buttons; this is good if you are pairing your outfit with gold chains for men. Nowadays there are also printed and embroidered kurta buttons available, that can be worn with more flowery outfits.


9. Wrist Watch

Regardless of a traditional or formal look, watches are an all-time accessory for men. But wristwatches, when of the right shade, can make your traditional wear look way better. Especially if you are not a fan of wearing bracelets or men’s Kada, wrist watches can be your go-to. Pairing a silver or gold color analog watch can elevate your look in simple kurta a notch.


10. Kilangi

Kilangi is an accessory adorned with headgears like turbans. Mostly worn by grooms during weddings, they are worth a try. They are made of metal and decorated with gems and feathers. Wearing them, probably at your close friend’s wedding, will give you a royal and elegant look for sure.



The 10 mentioned accessories are best to be worn with Indian traditional outfits. Even then, most of them can also be worn with casual wear or formals too, like the men’s Kada, chains, or the pocket square. So, try them out by getting quality products at the best price and see which one suits you best.

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