Vikram Mastal Spent His New Year At Vindhya Valley And Hoists National Flag


Finally, 2020 ended and the new year started with new beginnings. Many people celebrate new years by doing parties. We see lots of Bollywood parties happens during the new year. However, actor Vikram Mastal did something totally different. He is one of the most promising actors in the Bollywood industry. Vikram Mastal climbs to Vindhya Valley mountains and hoists our national flag.

Vikram started his career in Television. He is known for his role as Lord Hanuman from the iconic Ramayan telecasted in NDTV Imagine. There are only a few people who played the role of Lord Hanuman with ease and Vikram is one of them. Vikram Mastal has also played the character of Balwinder Singh in 21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1947. He made his debut in the movie Suspense. His upcoming movie Sakshi is ready for release and will release this year.

He is known for his simplicity. Last year Vikram celebrated his birthday in his village Salkanpur. Hails from a farmer family, he never forgets his roots. Vikram Mastal climbs the mountains in Vindhya Valley in Madhya Pradesh near Salkanpur.

Vikram Mastal Praneet Samaiya

While talking to Praneet Samaiya, Vikram told that he wishes this year 2021 should bury all the tensions and the issues of the people and our people and our country rises to the top with the most success. He also wished people to be healthy and fit. Vikram Mastal also told that since he adapts to a vegan diet, it helps him maintain his physical and mental fitness.

Vikram Mastal also waves our tricolor flag from the peak of the mountains. Hel is passionate about mountaineering and martial arts. He is currently working on a couple of web-series, one is of Prime Video. His journey from the small screen to the road to Bollywood is very inspirational. Wishing you all the best Vikram for your future projects.

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