Actress Adah Sharma Urges People To Turn Vegetarian

Adah Sharma PETA Vegetarianvia

An actress Adah Sharma urges people and his fans to turn vegetarian. She is known for her roles in Bollywood and Tollywood movies. She made her acting debut in the Bollywood movie 1920. She played the role of a possessed woman. The audiences appreciated her role. Adah Sharma has done various movies like Commando 2, Commando 3, S/O Satyamurthy to name a few. She made her digital debut from the web series Moh. She is a vegetarian since birth and urges people to turn vegetarian. According to Adah, she enjoys a healthy lifestyle because of her vegetarian diet. She told IANS,

“I believe in this cause as I was born into a vegetarian family. I have been a pure vegetarian since birth. I never ate non-vegetarian food.” 

Adah Sharma PETA Vegetarian

Recently, Adah Sharma along with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) India threw a Christmas party for chickens. How sweet, isn’t it? PETA India had recently rescued the hens from slaughter. Before the chickens headed to their new sanctuary home, they were given a festive lunch of fruit, sweet corn, and other foods that they love, all spread out beautifully on a table decorated for Christmas. PETA has a new initiative “Chicken being friends and not food”. Talking about PETA’s initiative, Adah Sharma told,

“I am supporting this cause because it’s ingrained in my system. We often see chickens loaded in jam-packed trucks or tempos while traveling — just imagine if the same happens with human beings.”

Adah Sharma PETA Vegetarian

Adah also opens the secrets of her glowing skin and healthy skin. Talking about the secret, she revealed,

“A lot of people often ask me what’s the secret of my glowing skin, healthy hair, and creative mind. I think it is being a vegetarian. If you eat healthy food, you can live a very healthy life and you will enjoy your life even more if you are vegetarian, so I hope I can influence people to turn vegetarian and make the world a healthy place.”

Adah Sharma PETA Vegetarian

It is a myth that to have a healthy physique, you have to eat non-vegetarian. To everyone’s surprise, do you know WWE Superstar Goldberg is vegetarian? You can check these high protein vegetarian foods that you can add to your diet if you plan on building muscles. Adah Sharma added,

“There is a perception in people’s minds that if you want to have a healthy physique then you have to eat non-vegetarian food, but that’s not true. I am a highly energetic person and I think if you have a pure vegetarian diet then you can change your life.”

We completely agree with Adah Sharma on this. What do you guys think of being a true animal lover? Try it, live and let live.

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