Yaariyan 2 Review: Divya Khosla Kumar Shines Bright In This Beautiful Drama

Yaariyan 2 Review

Yaariyan 2 is a romantic drama film about a coming-of-age love in Hindi. The film’s directors are Vinay Sapru and Radhika Rao. Under the banners of T-Series Films and Sapru Films Production, it is produced jointly by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, and Aayush Maheshwari. It is also Divya Khosla Kumar‘s standalone sequel to Yaariyan.


Yaariyan 2 Movie Story

Yaariyan 2 Cast

The 2014 breakout coming-of-age movie Yaariyan has a spiritual follow-up called Yaariyan 2. Additionally, this indicates that the plot of the film does not carry over from the first movie. The 2014 coming-of-age Malayalam romantic comedy Bangalore Days serves as the inspiration for the sequel movie. Additionally, the film revolves around the lives of three close-knit relatives.

Yaariyan 2 Plot

They rely on one another for support as they navigate career pressures, relationship issues, and grief. As with its predecessor, the themes of love and friendship are also explored in this film. It achieves this through a cast of likable, commonplace individuals. The coming-of-age tale is accompanied by a similar soundtrack.


Yaariyan 2 Movie Review

Yaariyan 2

Yaariyan 2, a cinematic masterpiece, weaves a heartwarming narrative of love embellished with three captivating love sagas. As the story unfolds, Divya Khosla Kumar’s character takes an emotional rollercoaster ride in the latter half, evoking deep sentiments. Although the script exhibits occasional scattered moments, these very instances serve as the soul of the film.

Meanwhile, the famous Divya Khosla Kumar shines as the leading character and exudes an enchanting aura throughout. Furthermore, in the realm of Hindi cinema, Meezaan Jaffrey emerges as another priceless gem, delivering a stellar performance. The rest of the ensemble cast also invests commendable efforts in their respective roles. Bhagyashree Borse, an actress who grabs attention effortlessly, adds to the film’s allure.

Yaariyan 2 Trailer

The supporting cast dutifully fulfill their roles, while Arijit Singh and Jubin Nautiyal’s music score has soared in popularity. Ravi Yadav’s cinematography is also visually enchanting. Meanwhile, the creative direction of Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru solidifies this endeavor as a commendable one. If sibling bonds hold a special place in your heart, this film is a must-watch.


Final Verdict

Yaariyan 2 Movie Review

Yaariyan 2 is a good family film that centers on the issues facing young people and the dynamics of relationships. Even if you ignore a few narrative flaws, the movie is still worth seeing once. It is essential to watch, particularly for Divya’s performance. For the forthcoming Dussehra holiday, this movie would be a nice choice to watch. We give the film a 3.5-star rating.

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