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Anupama 23rd September 2023

In Anupama’s October 19, 2023 episode, Barkha and Ankush persuade Pakhi that they reared Adhik as their son solely, to which Anuj adds that he was adopted by a family that provided him with enough love to grow into a nice person. Pakhi says she wants to have her baby and experience pregnancy because having a biological child differs from adopting another person’s children. Pakhi, who isn’t persuaded to adopt kids, claims she wants to experience the glow of pregnancy, feel her baby kick within her, and find the little dot in the reports that will truly make her happy. After saying this, Pakhi leaves the area, followed by Adhik, and Anupama promises to pray to God so that her daughter may likewise experience being a mother.

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Anupama Remembers Samar

Anupama Today's Episode

When everyone gets together at the Shah home the following day for the Navratri puja, Anupama explains that even though Samar hasn’t been gone for very long, they will still do their best to enjoy and celebrate the occasion. Anupama tells everyone about how Samar used to be delighted when she got to dance with them and perform Garba. Then, Anupama and the others begin the Dhol Baje dance.

When the boy’s mother appears with Samar’s eyes, Vanraj becomes upset to see Samar’s eyes staring at him. Anupama then encourages everyone to cheer up.


The Viral Video

Anupamaa 25 May 2023 Written Update

When the inspector calls, Anuj ducks into a corner to speak with him so no one else may overhear the chat in the middle of the festivities. Anuj is told by the inspector that Vanraj and Suresh Rathore’s fighting video has gone viral and that people are attempting to use it against them. The inspector acknowledges that Anuj is right when she believes that Suresh Rathore must have released the footage, telling Anuj that it will demonstrate Vanraj’s unstable mental state.

Anuj is shocked to learn that he remains the last primary witness in the case. He turns around to see Anupama standing there, looking worried. Anupama claims that Sonu will be held accountable for his misdeeds throughout these nine days of Navratri, to which Anuj responds that they will exert all effort to win this case. When Malti Devi hears the exchange, she becomes anxious for Anuj because she knows that Anupama won’t put an end to Anuj’s battle and that Anuj will sacrifice his life to save Anupama.


Kavya Notices The Paperwork

Madalsa Sharma

Kinjal and Toshu ask Leela to watch Pari while they head out for work, but Leela responds that she can’t take care of everything. While she and Toshu leave, Kavya notices the MBC paperwork in Kinjal’s hand and promises to look after Pari. However, she is perplexed. When Vanraj learns about his altercation with Suresh, he becomes furious. He further smashes the TV because he believes the court will reject his statement. Anupama requests that Anuj not go alone as he is now the enemy’s target, while Anuj tells her that Anu has gone to school and is getting ready to go.

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