Old Tweet Of Om Raut Trolling SRK ‘FAN’ Goes Viral As Netizens Criticize Adipurush

The movie encountered criticism for its subpar visual effects (VFX).

OM Raut Trolled SRK FAN

The much-anticipated mythological film ‘Adipurush,’ directed by Om Raut and starring Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan, hit theaters worldwide yesterday. However, even before its release, the movie encountered criticism for its subpar visual effects (VFX). As negative reviews poured in, an old tweet by director Om Raut resurfaced, drawing attention and irony. Fans now turned the tables and used the tweet to humorously roast the movie and its director.


Backlash Over Poor VFX

Prabhas Adipurush

The release of ‘Adipurush’ was marred by fans’ concerns about the visual effects, costume choices, and portrayal of mythological characters. Critics argued that including what they perceived as ‘modern’ elements was unnecessary and detracted from the film’s authenticity. Several negative reviews criticized the VFX and the dialogues, further adding to the disappointment.


Director’s Old Tweet

Om Raut SRK Fan Tweet
Om Raut/Twitter

As the criticism intensified, an old tweet by director Om Raut gained traction. Dated June 6, 2016, the tweet subtly compared the Marathi film ‘Sairat’ to Shah Rukh Khan‘s ‘Fan,’ both released around the same time. Raut’s tweet read, “#Sairat box office declared at 80cr. Crosses #SRK starrer #FAN. Now that’s what I call #Zingat.” Fans now seized the opportunity to highlight the irony of the situation, considering the backlash ‘Adipurush’ faced. However, he has now deleted the tweet.


Fans Stand By Shah Rukh Khan

Support for Shah Rukh Khan flooded social media as fans rallied behind the Bollywood superstar. One fan emphatically stated, “Never mess with King Khan,” while another highlighted Shah Rukh’s unparalleled achievements, saying, “What SRK did in 2011, no one can replicate in the present.” Fans highlighted the unmatched contributions of Shah Rukh Khan to the industry, sarcastically contrasting it with the current situation faced by ‘Adipurush.’


Memes And Roasting

Om Raut

In response to the film’s criticism, fans resorted to humorously roasting the movie’s characters, subpar VFX, and costumes through memes. Social media platforms were flooded with memes that lightened the mood and provided a comical take on the film’s shortcomings.

‘Adipurush’ faced backlash for its poor VFX and modern elements that some deemed unnecessary. Also amidst the criticism, director Om Raut’s old tweet, which once trolled Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Fan,’ resurfaced and went viral. So fans seized the opportunity to highlight the irony of the situation, showing support for Shah Rukh Khan and using memes to humorously roast the movie. Therefore the box office performance of ‘Adipurush’ and the impact of criticism on its long-term success remain to be seen.

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