Adipurush Review: Sub Standard VFX Is A Big Let Down In This Epic Ramayana’s Saga

Adipurush Review

Adipurush is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated movies of 2023. Directed by Om Raut, after several delays and rework, finally, the film arrived at the theatres near you. Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh, Devadatta Nage, and Sonal Chauhan starrer Adipurush is a modern Ramayana, but unfortunately, it is not classic.


Adipurush Story

Adipurush Review Prabhas

The film is based on Valmiki’s Ramayana. Prabhas portrays the role of Raghav (Lord Ram), Kriti Sanon plays Janaki, and Sunny Singh essays the role of Laxman. It starts with the narration of Raghav’s story before going into the forest along with Janaki and Laxman. The story narrates the aura of Ram and what leds to vanvaas from Ayodhya in the song Ram Sita Ram. In the forest, Laxman cuts off Soorpanaka’s nose. This leads Lankesh (Saif Ali Khan) to kidnap Janaki and take her to Lanka. Raghav, along with Laxman, Bajrang (Devdatta Nage), and the entire Vanar Sena, battle Lankesh to get Janaki back. The Ram vs. Ravana battle takes you to the engaging second half.


Adipurush Review

Prabhas Salary Fees Adipurush

Talking about the performances, Prabhas gives a good performance as Raghav. But if you ask whether it is his career best, then I doubt it. Do not compare him with Arun Govil from Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan. In Adipurush, the director shows the aggressive side of Raghav and portrays him as a warrior. The audience may or may not connect with him because of his role in the epic Baahubali. No doubt, Prabhas has put the effort in character, and the efforts are clearly visible. The entry scene of him sitting inside the ocean and meditating will give you goosebumps.

Kriti Sanon Adipurush

Kriti Sanon has limited screen time in this 3 hours long saga. She also played her part with utmost honesty. Saif Ali Khan has already proved why he has been rated so high while doing the role of an antagonist. He, as Lankesh, fits well. But, slowly, as the film progress, you may feel disconnected from the character because of the CGI. His dialogue looks more funny than scary. Sunny Singh does not impress me, to be honest. It feels that the magic of Laxman is missing. Devadatta Nage as Bajrang did a decent job. Sonal Chauhan played the role of Lankesh’s wife, Mandodari.

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Poor VFX Leds To A Massive Disappointment

Saif Ali Khan Adipurush

Now let’s talk about the direction; Om Raut has the idea and money for the project, but his vision is honestly not as grandeur as SS Rajamouli’s. He missed the trick, and this is where he will be criticized to the core. People have emotions connected with Ramayana. We have already seen this when Ramanand’s Sagar Ramayana was re-telecasted on television during COVID times. It has smashed all TRP records. But Om Raut’s Adipurush failed to create the same emotions. His direction is weak. The war scene in the second half is stretched, and the dialogues are not up to the mark. The editing is below average.

Adipurush Movie Review Prabhas

Now coming to the VFX, ever since the teaser was launched, the audience Om Raut trolled left and right for its poor CGI and VFX. It was so much criticized that the release date of the film was postponed to work on it. The first trailer came out well; the second trailer got mixed reactions from the audience. When we talk about Rs 500 crore budget, the final product turns out to be a massive disappointment. Also, the dark tone of the film in 3D is another drawback of the film.


Music Is A Saving Grace

Prabhas Adipurush

One thing that will touch your heart is undoubtedly the music of Adipurush. It has the right emotions that touch the right chords of the heart. Ajay Atul’s composition is a saving grace for the film. The songs Ram Siya Ram and Jai Shree Ram are composed well and presented beautifully.


Final Verdict

Adipurush Movie Review

Adipurush is an epic tale of Ramayana created in a modern way. Still, you will not feel connected and devoted like with Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana. The 3-hour length, stretched war scenes, known story, some misfit casting, and poor VFX does not help the film either. If you are a Prabhas fan and want to see the Ramayana in a modern way, you can watch it, but with fewer expectations. We give the film 3 stars out of 5.

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