Patna Shuklla Movie Review: Raveena Tandon Shines Bright In This Social Drama

Patna Shuklla Review

Patna Shuklla is a recently released Hindi social drama film. The director of the movie is Vivek Budakoti, and the producer is Arbaaz Khan. Additionally, Raveena Tandon plays the lead role in the movie. It also stars Satish Kaushik, Manav Vij, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Jatin Goswami, and Anushka Kaushik. The film promises to have all the elements that the audience will enjoy.


Patna Shuklla Movie Story

Patna Shukla Raveena Tandon

Patna Shuklla shows the story of Tanvi Shukla, a lawyer and homemaker. She is thrust into the fight for justice just as she finds a student stuck in a roll number scam.

The film also explores her transformation from an ordinary woman who goes to extraordinary lengths to get justice. Tanvi also faces numerous challenges and pressures from society. She is determined to know the truth behind the scam.


Patna Shuklla Movie Review

Patna Shukla Cast

Patna Shuklla is an eye-opener while revealing the tough reality behind the education system. The narrative of the movie deeply shows the ins and outs of the education system and is easily relatable. However, at times, a few characters seem to be weakly written, but the final work makes up for it. Therefore, Vivek Budakoti, Sameer Arora, and Farid Khan have done an excellent job for the film. Vivek Budakoti, as a director, has also done a good job. The story execution will surely keep you engaged until the conclusion.

There are several movies about the education system and its flaws. However, the engaging plot and unique narrative are what make this film feel different. Budakoti, as a director, has made a strong impact on the minds of the audience. The cinematography is also one of the major highlights of the movie along with the editing work. Moving on to the performances, Raveena Tandon, as Tanvi Shukla, is the main lead of the movie. She was just the perfect choice for the character.

Patna Shukla Anushka Kaushik

Additionally, Anushka Kaushik as Rinki Kumari was good with her dialogue delivery. Meanwhile, seeing Satish Kaushik gracing the screen was one of the best moments. One of the most interesting factors to watch Patna Shuklla was him. He also perfectly balances his humor as well as his skills. Moreover, apart from these characters, Manav Vij and Raju Kher will also win your hearts. Other supporting cast have also done a good job. Furthermore, the music of the movie is also good but not very impactful.


Final Verdict

Patna Shukla Satish Kaushik

Patna Shuklla has everything from politics and drama to humor and good twists. It has a strong core on which the story builds and is a perfect movie for watching this weekend. Although there are a few minor flaws, other aspects of the movie overshadow them. We rate this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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