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Today’s Anupama 21st February 2024 episode begins with Anuj encouraging Shruti to pay attention to him once she has calmed down. Shruti proceeds to pack her clothes into the bag. Anuj states they may simply remain together as friends like Shruti did in the past, but Shruti tells Anuj that she can’t just let go of her affection for him and stay pals. Shruti informs Anuj that she has taken her decision and will not reverse it now, despite Anuj’s attempts to stop her. Adhya stands at the entrance and questions Anuj and Shruti about what’s happening. Then, she spots Shruti’s luggage and asks where she’s heading. Continue reading to know more about today’s episode.

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Shruti Expresses Her Love For Adhya

Shruti Anupama

Shruti informs Adhya that she plans to leave the house since it is evident that there is no place for her among people who remain trapped in their past, which makes Adhya realize the enormity of the problem. Adhya questions Shruti whether she plans to go because of Anupama. Shruti responds that nobody has compelled her to leave; it is entirely her choice. She informs Adhya that she adores her but can no longer live in the same house. On the other hand, Shruti affirms her commitment to being there for Adhya when she wants her.


Shruti’s Explanation

Adhya informs Shruti that she is not prepared to part ways with Shruti in that way since she wants to establish a family that includes herself, Anuj, and Shruti. Clinging on to Shruti, Adhya explains that Shruti is the first mother figure who has genuinely cherished her. She further states that she has never chosen anything else above herself, which is the reason Shruti can’t give up on her now. Shruti claims that she will leave this house rather than Adhya because things have become too hard for her to keep dwelling in delusion.

As Adhya requests that Anuj stop Shruti, Anuj informs Shruti that she is the one who helped him and Adhya. Anuj urges Shruti not to leave for the benefit of Adhya, which pains her even more. She informs Anuj that he continues to ask for it with a superficial attitude. Shruti arrives downstairs with her suitcase and discovers her, Anuj, and Adhya’s family portrait, but is taken aback to find Anuj, Anu, and Anupama’s small image hidden inside the frame. This helps Shruti realize that Anupama never left Anuj’s life, and she is the one who came between them.


Kinjal Informs Anupama

Kinjal Anupama

Anupama becomes uneasy, while Shruti finally says goodbye to Adhya and leaves the house. Adhya tells Anuj that he has damaged everything but must bring Shruti back into their lives because Anupama has no room in their minds or emotions. Dimpy, on the other hand, appears to be depressed as she thinks about Teetu while Vanraj makes a statement. Teetu visits Shah’s home and attempts to get in touch with Dimpy but leaves when Dimpy does not respond to his messages or calls. Kinjal invites Anupama to her house on an urgent basis and informs her that Anuj has offered Toshu a job with his company.

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