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Today’s Anupama 22nd January 2024 episode begins with Anupama asking Kinjal for her phone number, following which Kinjal informs her that she must go with Pari for the time being. Anupama says farewell to Kinjal and Pari with adorable embraces before breaking down in tears while contemplating Toshu, who does not want to see her as Yashdeep arrives with a glass of water. Yashdeep questions Anupama whether they are her family, to which Anupama responds that she has yet to meet her son, having seen and heard him but unable to answer. Anupama apologizes for becoming preoccupied with other matters and sips her water. Continue reading to know more about today’s episode.

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Shruti Ans Anuj To Have A Conversation

Shruti Anupama

Anuj recalls Anupama’s face while working at his office. Anuj glances at the night sky of New York when Shruti arrives and informs him that he must be performing some essential task, after which they settle down to discuss. Shruti realizes something is wrong with Anuj and urges him to tell her what’s wrong so she can assist him, but Anuj lies and says he’s concerned for Adhya. Anuj claims that nothing is wrong with him, which irritates Shruti when he starts questioning her about Miss Joshi, and she immediately tells him not to talk about anybody else. Shruti hands Anuj his coffee and apologizes for her actions while Anuj apologizes for being so out of place.


Adhya Questions Anupama

Anupama Today's Episode

In the meantime, Anupama approaches from the outside, discovers Adhya staring into the restaurant through the glass window, and catches her as she is ready to fall off. Adhya turns away from Anupama and responds rudely to her queries, following which she asks when she will return to India and why she chose America in the first place.


Kavya Scolds Ansh

Madalsa Sharma

On the other hand, the Shah family gets down for breakfast, and Ansh complains that he is unwilling to attend the same school as Ishani while Mahi attempts to explain the situation to him. Kavya criticizes Ansh, but Pakhi questions her why she did such a thing, after which she remarks that Ishani should keep away from Mahi.

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