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Anupama 23rd December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama Today's Episode Update

The Anupama episode from today, December 23, 2023, opens with a man asking Anupama whether she wants to spend the night at an inexpensive hotel. Retracting her statements, Anupama states that she wouldn’t like anything from that man since it would cost too much money. After Anupama refutes his claim that several Indians are staying at his hotel, the man claims he can take her there by himself and then leaves. Anupama, however, decides at the last minute to accompany the man as she needs a place to stay for the night.

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Anupama Gets Robbed

Anupama Latest

After he tells Anupama that it would just take five minutes to walk, she follows his suggested path. Anupama walks into a quiet lane and finds herself alone, the man nowhere to be found until two males appear before her. When Anupama refuses to give the two white guys her money, they pull out a pocket knife. When the guys take her luggage, and Anupama can no longer hold it to herself, she screams in terror.


Anupama’s Break Down

Anupama Today's Episode

Anupama realizes she has nothing left when the men flee with her bag, as her passport and all her money are in her purse. As the snow begins to fall, Anupama bursts into tears and tries to unlock the suitcase that holds her coat, but the lock fails to unlock, leaving Anupama in a bleak situation. Anupama questions why she needed to travel to America when she might have lived contentedly in her nation and should have recognized God’s signs. When a second guy notices Anupama’s gold necklace, she screams and runs onto the crowded street, where she stands with her bag. Anupama goes to the restaurant with an Indian name the following day to seek assistance and then sleeps at the corner of the staircase.


Havan At Shah’s

Anupama Latest Updates

When the Shah family is seen performing a havan puja the following morning, Vanraj declares that he lives only for Ansh, Samar’s kid. Dimple accepts the cage, provided her son receives love and a decent education, Kavya laments losing her motherhood to become a bride, and Leela begs God to bless Vanraj and improve their situation. Hasmukh hopes Anupama can live a happy life overseas.


Anupama And Anuj To Meet?

Anuj Anupama

A man is spotted in America purchasing coffee on a beautiful motorbike. The individual is identified as Anuj, and during a conversation with one of his clients, he mentions that he has been conducting business in America for the last five years. Anuj’s heart beats abnormally as  Anupama is close, but he doesn’t give it any attention before riding off his bike. Anuj assists an elderly woman and tosses a dried leaf that finds its way to Anupama as Anupama wakes up in the interim. Anupama tries to visit the restaurant owner after appropriately dressing, but the waiter tells her to leave the property and not even provide her with anything to drink.

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