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Anupama 25th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama Latest Episode Update

The 25th December 2023 episode of Anupama begins with Anuj giving orders to people backstage and handling the clothes and cosmetics prep all by himself. He requests the DJ to play the music so he may assess its quality. As an old Bollywood song begins to play, he becomes agitated. Anuj responds, “I hate irresponsible people,” after a staff member tells him that their showstopper has not come yet and is unavailable due to a three-hour flight delay. The other crew members question Anuj about how they would handle things for the program when he orders them to terminate the employee and take them to court for violating the terms of their contract. Continue reading to know more about today’s episode.

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Anupama Quenches Her Thirst

Anupama Latest Updates

Anupama returned to the restaurant and presented her wallet to the waiter to be let inside. The waiter asks her to enter the restaurant and hands her a water bottle. She quickly opens with a beaming expression on her face. Anupama asks the waitress if she may have something to eat with the remaining money after gulping down the whole bottle in one sitting and giving gratitude to God for nourishing her. The waitress assured her she would handle everything and offered her some bread, which she munched on delightfully.


Anupama Seeks Assistance

Anupama Today's Episode

Without running the business, a man walks in and begins lecturing the employees about not doing their jobs well enough. Anupama finds it attractive that the man who turns out to be the restaurant’s owner fires the caretaker for arriving late. Anupama walks up to the man and informs him that she is from India and that she had a terrible experience when thieves took her belongings. She responds to the man’s suggestion that she should beg in her own nation, saying that she is not begging but rather requesting assistance to work and support herself until her new passport is processed.


Anupama To Get A Job

Anupama Latest

As a mother, a homemaker, a businesswoman, and an artist, Anupama claims that she wishes to work hard and diligently earn her money. Anupama immediately accepts when the guy asks her to take up the janitor’s duties because he dismissed them recently. She also asks to use the restroom, which the man grants.


Anuj’s Huge Success

Anuj Anupama

In another scene, the fashion show opens with international models walking down the ramp. Anuj then appears as the showstopper, ensuring the occasion’s success. Anuj takes the podium as the event’s main speaker after blowing flying kisses to a female in the audience who gladly applauds him. Following the expression of gratitude to all promoters, designers, employees, etc., the reporters question Anuj about his five-year-old event management business, which has already risen to the top. After Anuj claims that his daughter Aadya is the only source of motivation and inspiration for him, the young lady enters the platform and hugs her father. Simultaneously, Anupama starts a conversation with the restaurant’s chef and offers assistance in the kitchen while Anuj’s TV program is on.

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