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The October 25, 2023, episode of Anupama begins with Anuj informing Anupama that the judge rejected their argument and declared Sonu innocent. Hearing Anuj makes Anupama feel as though her entire world is collapsing. She nearly trips and falls, but Anuj and Devika help her to steady herself. Devika claims that considering the time they had to gather witnesses and evidence, she had a suspicion that the court scene would only look like that.

Anuj concurs with Devika and advises Anupama not to give up as they have the option to reapply for the case at the high court should they be dissatisfied with the decisions made by the lower courts. Devika requests that Anupama not place any sort of responsibility on her because Vinay’s confession may turn out to be untrue and will be presented to the court when it is too late. Anuj and Devika immediately concur with Anupama when she says she can never accept that her family must live in continual fear. At the same time, the person who killed her, Samar, roams the streets freely.

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Anupama Gives Hope To Vanraj

Anupamaa 25 May 2023 Written Update

When Suresh Rathore and Sonu arrive, they laugh at Anupama and the others for claiming that justice has been done and that, at last, his innocent kid is clear of all charges. When the media inquires about Suresh Rathore’s emotional state, he responds by saying that he is happy the court reached the correct conclusion.

Malti Devi, meanwhile, dances and recalls what Anuj said to her because she wants to take control of the home and family and make it her own, where everyone complies with her orders without question.

Barkha claims to know what Malti Devi is attempting to do and that she detests the notion and would not allow the plan to be carried out.

As they reach the Shah residence, Anupama and Anuj inform Vanraj about the ruling. Vanraj becomes irrational and declares that he has failed as a father. According to Anupama, Samar has not yet lost, and this is the beginning of a new battle meant to inspire the family members. After learning that they had lost the case, Dimple sits in despair. Anupama then approaches her and tells her not to worry since they will appeal to a higher court.


Suresh Brings Candies

Anupamaa Episode 24th May 2023

The entire Shah family is shocked when Suresh Rathore and Sonu arrive there unexpectedly with their security. Since he views the Shah family as his own people, Suresh says he has bought candies so they can participate in his joy. Suresh requests Vanraj to stop beating them up since the entire incident is being videotaped. When Suresh offers the candies, Vanraj accepts them and predicts they will win the upcoming high court hearing. This makes Suresh look resentful. As everyone consumes the candies and gives Suresh a proud look, Anupama declares that his kid will undoubtedly face the consequences on this Dussehra day.


The Family Is Breaking Apart

Anupama Today's Episode

Simultaneously, Romil informs Adhik and Pakhi that they are both shamelessly compatible because they alter who they are when they are not in need of Anupama. Romil reminds Pakhi that she declined to fight for her deceased brother and begs him to get out of her personal affairs.

Malti Devi enrolls in dancing courses with Anu’s friends, but Barkha advises her to contact Anupama first because she owns the house and the empire as a whole.

In another instance, Dimple informs Anupama that the family is disintegrating and that Toshu and Kinjal are even considering fleeing the nation so they do not need to go to the high court. Startled, Anupama asks Toshu and Kinjal why they decided to act so abruptly.

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