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Anupama 2nd February 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama Today's Episode Update

The Anupama 1st February 2024 episode begins with Anuj holding the phone to his ear as Anupama answers. However, Anupama disconnects the connection upon realizing it is Anuj speaking.

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Ansh’s Rude Behaviour

Anupama Latest Updates

In another scene, Mahi joyfully approaches Hasmukh and Leela to inform them that she will be attending school while Hasmukh photographs their picture. At that moment, Ansh and Ishaani arrive as well, and Ansh pushes Mahi aside. When Vanraj arrives, Mahi leaps onto his lap and asks him how she looks, to which Vanraj simply glances at her. Subsequently, Ansh takes Mahi away from Vanraj and asserts that only he is entitled to sit on his lap.


Enraged Adhya

In the meantime, Anuj dreams of Anupama and them joyfully dancing together. Simultaneously, Adhya feels hateful toward Anupama and tries to destroy her photo with a lighter. But the moment Adhya pulls her lighter closer to the picture, it stops functioning, infuriating her even more. She then begs that anything happens that will make Anuj detest Anupama.


Workholic Anupama

Anupama Latest Updates

After dropping Anupama off at Kinjal’s residence, Yash advises her to take the day off due to the events of today. Anupama, however, informs him that she won’t take a day off since, at this time, her work will prevent her from worrying too much about her circumstances. Toshu, meantime, notices Anupama with Yash as he looks at her.


Vanraj Questions Kavya

Vanraj Anupama

Vanraj queries Kavya in another passage as to why, given her knowledge of the high cost of Ansh school, she allowed Mahi to enroll. But Kavya assures him that she can handle Mahi’s education costs with her investments and money, so he won’t need to worry about that.


Disappointed Toshu

Toshu Kinjal Anupama

Conversely, Kinjal apologizes to Pari for phoning her at her urging, and Anupama brings her laddoo to eat as Pari greets her with excitement. Ashutosh arrives at that moment, and Anupama feels uncomfortable remembering her previous visit. It must be hard for her to come and go, Toshu says as he meets her and invites her to move in with them. He advises her to quit her work and move in with them, but Anupama firmly tells him that she will not do either because she has witnessed her family change their appearance to suit them and she has come to understand the hard way that one must always be independent if one wishes to live in a respectful manner. Toshu is upset to learn of Anupama’s rejection since he had hoped Anupama would take care of Pari and be her babysitter.

In another scene, Anuj feels betrayed by Adhya and regrets not being able to tell Shruti the truth about Anupama, but he nonetheless chooses to inform Shruti.

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