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The 4th November 2023 episode of Anupama begins with Anupama and Anuj beginning their dance performance together, as everyone appreciates them except Malti Devi. When Anuj recalls Anupama’s challenge to romance in front of the entire family, they dance gently to a romantic tune. Anupama laughs awkwardly when she hears Anuj and tells him that she merely made a joke to him without considering it all. Anuj likes taunting her and adds that he never allows anybody to win from him in these things. Continue reading to know more about today’s episode.


Anupama Blushes Hard

Anupama Today's Episode

Anuj uses the remote control to turn off the lights for a time and kisses Anupama on the cheeks in the dark, avoiding detection from the rest of the family. Anupama informs Anuj that he is extremely sly with his deeds. This makes him pleased with his strategy, and everyone applauds as their dance comes to a conclusion. He is amused when she goes out of the living room, blushing, and into the kitchen.


Stranger In The House?

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Anupama feels embarrassed by Anuj’s conduct when she spots a man climbing the wall of their house and going near the kitchen window. Tapesh comes to the window, thrilled. Anupama is alarmed to find a stranger trying to enter the house and asks Tapesh to leave, mistaking him for a robber. He informs her that he is not a thief and admires her dancing. Tapesh feels embarrassed when Anupama wonders how he just got into the home, and he tells her that he cannot contain his joy. Tapesh asks her to call him out, explaining that he visited Dimpy after she disputed his dancing, labeling it “simply aerobics.”


Titu Dances With Anupama

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Anupama is ecstatic to learn that Tapesh is also a dancer and invites him to come inside and speak with Dimpy. However, Titu claims that seeing her in that house has given him his answer. He goes to leave when his eyes are drawn to the kheer, and Anupama gives him a bowl. Titu reminds Anupama of Samar in certain ways, and she invites him to attend the celebration as her guest.

She enters the living room and urges everyone to pay attention before introducing Titu to everyone. Pakhi recognizes him as a significant influencer. Everyone wants Titu to show them how he dances since Dimple dismisses his potential. Titu wishes to perform with Anupama once.


Anupama Wants Titu To Join The Dance Academy

After a few pleas, Anupama decides to dance to the song “Dholida” with Titu, with everyone impressed by Titu’s dancing. Titu later wishes Anupama and Dimple farewell outside the home when Anupama inquires about teaching at her dance academy. She informs Titu that Samar has died and that they want a male trainer. Dimple is not pleased hearing this. Anupama steps inside, running into Leela after explaining to Dimpy that a petition requires collaboration.


Leela Thanks Anuj

Madalsa Sharma

Leela reproaches Anupama for inviting everyone into the house. Anupama calms Leela down with her words, following which they hug. Anuj photographs the scene and informs them that they look adorable together. Leela admires Anuj for constantly being there for the Shah family and permitting Anupama to maintain contact with her in-laws, which is unusual.

Anuj claims that she doesn’t require his permission to do anything. Then, he mocks Leela by claiming that she is a demanding mother-in-law. Leela expresses gratitude that Anuj and Anupama are there for them. Malti Devi observes and criticizes how Leela attempts to control Anuj.

What do you think will happen next in the story? If you want to satisfy your curiosity, don’t miss today’s program. Share your thoughts in the comments section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Also, stay tuned for more information on this intriguing show.

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