Apurva Movie Review: Tara Sutaria And Rajpal Yadav Shine Bright In This Engaging Thriller

Apurva Movie Review

Apurva, Tara Sutaria’s debut solo film, released digitally on Disney+ Hotstar. Among those with the actress are Rajpal Yadav and Abhishek Banerjee. Meanwhile, the narrative of an average girl who must become brutal to survive is present in Apurva.


Apurva Movie Story

Apurva Tara

The movie kicks off with a group of four assailants ruthlessly assaulting three individuals on a desolate stretch of road in Chambal. Their target: the valuable jewelry the victims carry. Meanwhile, on their way to the next operation, they encounter Apurva. She is on a bus headed to Agra, planning to surprise her banker boyfriend on his birthday.

However, things take a dark turn as she captures the attention of Sukhi, a member of the gang, leading to her abduction. The pursuit between Apurva and her captors transforms into a gripping game of cat and mouse. It unfolds in an abandoned village with empty houses.


Apurva Movie Review

Apurva Dhairya

Apurva’s journey takes off on a promising trajectory, immediately engaging the audience within the initial 10-15 minutes. Simultaneously, a group of skilled actors assumes the roles of antagonists, injecting intrigue into the screenplay. Tara Sutaria undergoes a notable transformation from her glamorous appearances in Student Of The Year 2, fitting seamlessly into her character.

Rajpal Yadav, known for his comedic roles, makes a compelling return as the menacing Jugnu. Abhishek Banerjee delivers a bone-chilling performance as Sukha, adding to the film’s unexpected intensity. Nikhil deserves commendation for crafting a thrilling and gripping screenplay with a palpable tension that keeps the viewers on edge. There are moments when you find yourself breathless, even succumbing to panic on behalf of the protagonist.

Apurva Plot

Moreover, cinematographer Anshuman Mahaley skillfully captures the film’s essence, while Shivkumar Panicker’s editing prowess and Vishal Mishra’s eerie background score contribute significantly to sustaining interest. Nevertheless, occasional instances may lead you to anticipate the storyline, hinting at potential predictability.


Final Verdict

Apurva Rajpal

All in all, Apurva is a skillfully crafted thriller that captures your interest from the very first scene. For the age of digital watches, this one is ideal. Additionally, among this survival thriller’s primary highlights are Tara Sutaria and Rajpal Yadav. Meanwhile, we give the film a 3.5 stars out of 5.

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