Babloo Bachelor Review: Sharman Joshi’s Journey To Find A Perfect Bride Is A Funny Ride

Babloo Bachelor Review

The theatres in Maharashtra opened after the second wave of coronavirus pandemic. Babloo Bachelor is one of the first big movies released in cinemas after theatres reopened. Sharman Joshi, Pooja Chopra, Tejashri Pradhan, Rajesh Sharma starrer Babloo Bachelor is a light-hearted comedy. The film is about the journey of Sharman Joshi, who is in search of a perfect bride. Babloo Bachelor is directed by Agnidev Chatterjee and produced by Ajay Rajwani under the banner Rafat Films.


Babloo Bachelor Story

Sharman Joshi Pooja Chopra Babloo Bachelor

The story is based in Uttar Pradesh. Babloo, portrayed by Sharman Joshi, is a single child from a well-to-do family. He is 35 and still unmarried. The family always dreamt of his grand wedding. Babloo met a few girls hoping to find his perfect bride. However, he did not get the right girl. Then, Babloo meets Avantika, played by Pooja Chopra. Avantika is quite open about her past, and she tells Babloo that she had five boyfriends in the past. Initially, Babloo hesitates but ends up falling in love with her. Babloo has no aim in life and thinks that his father has done enough for him. Avantika was looking for a goal-oriented person. Hence she requests Babloo to cancel this marriage.

Sharman Joshi Tejashri Pradhan Babloo Bachelor

After this, Babloo goes to his aunt’s daughter’s marriage. There he met Swati, played by Tejashri Pradhan. Swati wants to become an actress. They both feel a connection, and Swati ends up proposing Babloo. They both get married. However, on their honeymoon, Swati ends up running away from her marriage. She left a message for Babloo that she got an opportunity to become an actress and hence left for Mumbai. Babloo goes to Mumbai to find Swati. He met Avantika in Mumbai. She helps him to meet Swati. Looking at her efforts, Babloo starts liking Avantika. Now, what will Babloo do? Will he get Swati back, or will he express his feelings for Avantika? Watch the movie to find out.


Babloo Bachelor Review

Babloo Bachelor

Babloo Bachelor is a journey of Sharman Joshi who is on a hunt for his perfect bride. Sharman Joshi fits in the skin of the character Babloo. Rajat Sharma’s timing shows his skills and versatility. Both actresses Pooja Chopra and Tejashri Pradhan, did a decent job. Tejashri Pradhan’s dialogue delivery and accent need more work.

Pooja Chopra Babloo Bachelor

Pooja Chopra looked more decent in her role. Her expressions were amazing and looked confident in her role. Akash Dabade as Babloo’s friend, was good. However, his adult jokes may disappoint you after some time. Jeet Ganguli has given the music. The songs are melodious. The film has drama, emotions, romance, and comedy. Overall, the journey to find a perfect bride is a fun ride. Babloo Bachelor is a nice treat for all cinema lovers who desperately want to watch a movie in cinema halls. We give Babloo Bachelor 3 stars out of 5.

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