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Bigg Boss 12, Day 47: Sreesanth Sent Karanvir To Jail And Dipika Could Not Believe That

Things Got Chaotic After The Unfair Decision

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With each day is passing, the Diwali Dhamaka week of Bigg Boss has been bringing new surprises for the contestants. Recently we saw that a number of previous season contenders made a surprise visit in the house and channelled enthusiasm. Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta rejuvenated the interest in the show and they made the things quite interesting inside the house. Apart from that, we saw Sapna Chaudhary and Sana Khan entered for a small duration and they entertained everyone. A new surprise has been waiting for the contestants as “Kaal Kothri Ki Saza” will be decided on Day 47.


Day 47: Who Will Be Sent To Jail

In the recent promos, it was shown that Sreesanth has become the new captain of the house and the contestants are asked to name the worst performers of this week. A few of the contestants named Deepak Thakur as he broke a rule during his captaincy. He should be saving the Appy Fizz for his personal use but he shared that with other contestants.


Some Contestants Stood Against Megha

Bigg Boss 12, Day 47

After that, a bunch of contestants took a dig at Megha who roughly handled Urvashi during a task. Megha tried to prove her point verbally buy her voice was overturned by a few of the contestants who were united against her.


Sreesanth Sent Karanvir To Jail

Well, the most dramatic scene came when the new captain Sreesanth decided that he would send Karanvir to jail. We know that there was a conflict between the two during the rangoli task. Karanvir lost his cool after that, Dipika was seen asking the reason from Sreesanth but the latter did not say anything reasonable. Karanvir was seen pissed off inside the jail and the promo ended leaving us curious for tonight’s episode.

What will happen tonight? Stay tuned.

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