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Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Nomination List 5th June 2023 Latest Episode: Vote For Your Favorite Contestants

As the episode approaches its 11th week, check the online voting results for today dated 5th June 2023.

Mohanlal Bigg Boss Malayalam BBM 5

Bigg Boss Malayalam is a popular reality television show that originated from the format of the international franchise Big Brother. The show follows a group of celebrity contestants who are locked inside a specially designed house for a specified period, with no access to the outside world. It is a unique blend of entertainment, drama, and challenges. The Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 garnered immense popularity and became a massive hit among the audience. The show is hosted by well-known personalities from the Malayalam film industry, adding to its charm and appeal. It provides a platform for celebrities to showcase their real personalities and engage in various tasks and activities.


BBM Season 5 Overview

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5
Name Bigg Boss Malayalam
Host Mohanlal
Channel Asianet
Genre Reality Show
Release Date 2023
Language Malayalam
Prize Money 5000000
Where to Watch Asianet Disney Hotstar


Online Voting Result For 5th June 2023 – Week 11

Contestant Percentage Votes
Akhil 58.23% 9421
Junaiz 8.32% 1346
Aniyan 6.33% 1024
Cerena 5.64% 913


Elimination List Week 11 BBM 5

  • Akhil
  • Aniyan
  • Cerena
  • Junaiz


All About Bigg Boss Season 5

Bigg Boss Malayalam

The Bigg Boss house is equipped with cameras, capturing every move and conversation of the contestants. They are assigned different tasks and challenges to test their physical and mental capabilities, and they must also navigate through alliances and conflicts within the house.

Viewers play a significant role in the show as they have the power to vote and eliminate contestants. The drama, emotions, and unexpected twists keep the audience hooked to their screens, making it a true spectacle.

Bigg Boss Malayalam has successfully entertained and captivated audiences with its unique concept and engaging content. It has become a cultural phenomenon, sparking discussions and debates among viewers. The show continues to be a sensation, providing a rollercoaster of entertainment for its dedicated fan base.

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