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Quirky Facts About Bigg Boss House That You Probably Unaware Of

The Contestants Are Given Alcohol In Juice Packs

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The finale of Bigg Boss season 11 is approaching near and we are waiting to find out who will emerge victoriously. Bigg Boss is one of the most anticipated shows and people never get enough of it. Hence, today we have brought you 17 quirky facts about Bigg Boss House that you probably unaware of.


1. Lots Of Insects

Bigg Boss House

The house of Bigg Boss is at a remote place and surrounded by nature. Hence, it is not a surprise to find snake and scorpions inside the house.


2. No Books Allowed

BIgg Boss House

The Bigg Boss house is not for the bibliophiles. No books are allowed inside the house, not even the Holy Books.


3. No Contact With Media

BIgg Boss House

The contestants are not allowed to contact the media after the selection and also after the eviction as there can be some secrets that the contestants can reveal about the show.


4. Fine On Quitting

BIgg Boss House

If a contestant quits the show without a valid reason, he will be fined and the amount of the fine is reported to be 2 crores.

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