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Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Today’s Episode 26th December 2023: Maya Takes The Lead In Nomination Twist

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7

In a surprising turn of events, the recent eviction of Saravana from the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 house left contestants Archana and Mani in utter shock. Anticipating Raveena’s departure, the unexpected twist added a layer of emotions to an already intense atmosphere. Bigg Boss introduced a unique task titled ‘Title Goal’ in the thirteenth week to lift spirits. Contestants were challenged to set and achieve maximum goals, culminating in the presentation of their Bigg Boss title stage speeches in front of a plasma screen.

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Open Nominations Rattle Alliances

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Episode

Adding to the tension, the nomination process took an unprecedented turn with an open nomination on a plasma screen. The housemates were required to state their reasons for nominating fellow contestants, resulting in alliances shifting within the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 house. Team Small Boss, led by Vichitra, nominated Maya and Dinesh for perceived underperformance in a recent task. Surprisingly, Maya found herself in the spotlight as the contestant with the maximum number of votes during the nomination process. Nixen closely followed in the second position.


Heated Exchanges And Drama Unfold

Bigg Boss Tamil 7

The open nomination process witnessed intense exchanges between Vishnu and Maya, adding a dramatic layer to the unfolding events. As the nomination list for the week shaped up, the potential eliminations included Vishnu, Maya, Mani, Raveena, Nixen, and Dinesh. With tensions running high, Team Bigg Boss showcased varied nominations, with Maya nominating Raveena and Vishnu, while Dinesh chose Vichitra and Maya. The unexpected turn of events left the contestants and viewers alike on edge as alliances continued to shift in the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 house.


Unpredictable Twists

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As the drama unfolds, Bigg Boss Tamil 7 promises viewers another week filled with suspense, drama, and unpredictable twists. The nomination process has set the stage for an intriguing week ahead, with contestants facing the heat and alliances hanging by a thread. In the aftermath of Saravana’s eviction, emotions ran high as contestants grappled with the unexpected. The ‘Title Goal’ task brought a temporary reprieve, but the open nomination process threw the house into disarray. Maya’s unexpected lead in the nomination process adds a layer of uncertainty to the week. Therefore, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next episode to witness how the drama unfolds in the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 house. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the contestants’ journey. And the rollercoaster ride of entertainment in the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 house.

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