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Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Today’s Updates 10th December 2023: Check Today’s Tasks And Nomination Details

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 5th October 2023

Bigg Boss Tamil 7, known for its dramatic twists and turns, has recently ignited a storm of controversy as former contestant Jovika’s mother, actress Vanitha Vijayakumar, slams the show, labeling its participants as “dirty” and “filthy” minded individuals solely driven by the pursuit of prize money. The popular reality TV show, airing in multiple languages across the country, has been a consistent TRP topper, but the latest season seems to be drawing criticism from unexpected quarters.

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Allegations And Criticisms

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In a remark, Vanitha Vijayakumar called for the cancellation of the “flop season,” asserting that the remaining contestants are tarnishing the show’s reputation. She specifically targeted the contestants, accusing them of lacking values and indulging in undesirable behavior to secure victory. Jovika’s eviction from the house only seemed to intensify her mother’s disapproval.


Banning Bigg Boss Tamil 7?

Expressing her disappointment on social media, Vanitha Vijayakumar urged the show’s organizers to cancel the ongoing season. In a tweet, she stated, “#BiggBossTamil7 cancel this flop season with all the #boring contestants evicted; the show is losing its reputation and becoming a worst example platform for all dirty, filthy-minded people trying to win prize money—no value for the cup. Ban #BiggBossTamil7. Seriously unworthy.”


Former Contestant’s Reviews

Bigg Boss Tamil 7

Vanitha, herself a former contestant, has been vocal about her critiques of the show on a review platform. However, her support for her daughter has often led to backlash. Defending her stance, she claimed, “I have given my opinion about the current scenario in the season and am very disappointed as a reviewer and supporter of this show.” She suggested that a show with many youngsters from diverse backgrounds should have been on an OTT platform, indicating her dissatisfaction with the current television broadcast.


Eviction Drama

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Kamal Haasan Salary

Jovika’s eviction from the house last week added fuel to the fire. Although she initially navigated the Bigg Boss journey well, her alliances with Maya, Poornima, and their group faced criticism from viewers. This alliance drew heavy backlash, contributing to Jovika’s eventual eviction. As Bigg Boss Tamil 7 enters its 10th week, the current house captain, Vishnu, has nominated contestants who failed to impress him. Ananya S Rao, Sharavana Vikram, Poornima Ravi, Vijay, Nixon, and Raveena Daha find themselves on the chopping block. Archana, Vichitra, Dinesh Gopalsamy, and Mani Chandra have also been nominated this week. Thus leading to a tense atmosphere within the divided small and main houses.


The Road Ahead

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Bigg Boss Tamil 7, once a pinnacle of entertainment, faces a wave of controversy. Also, calls for its cancellation are gaining momentum. Her daughter’s eviction fueled Vanitha Vijayakumar’s critique. Therefore, it adds a new layer of drama to the already intense reality show. As the season progresses, viewers eagerly await the resolution of this controversy. And the unfolding drama in the Bigg Boss house. Stay tuned for updates on the rollercoaster ride that is Bigg Boss Tamil 7.

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