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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Today’s Update 27th September 2023: Check Nominations, And Elimination Details

Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Prashanth's Surprising Move and Rathika's Drama Heat Up Week 4

Bigg Boss Telugu 27th September 2023

The fourth week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 brought with it a wave of drama and intense arguments as the nomination process heated up. While six contestants found themselves on the chopping block, the unexpected clash between Prashanth and Rathika stole the spotlight.

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Prashanth’s Sudden Change

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Those closely following the seventh season of Bigg Boss Telugu would know that Rathika had been playfully teasing Prashanth from the very beginning. However, things took an unexpected turn during the nominations. Gautham brought up a recent incident where Prashanth had commented on Rathika’s attire, leading to a fiery argument between the two. Rathika firmly warned Prashanth that she wouldn’t tolerate such comments. After a heated exchange, Prashanth surprised everyone by referring to Rathika as his “sister” instead of further fueling the conflict. This abrupt change in behavior left the audience baffled, especially considering Prashanth had initially followed Rathika in the first week and then quarreled with her in the second week.


Rathika’s Relentless Pursuit

The heated arguments between Rathika and Prashanth continued, with Rathika relentlessly questioning why he had made advances towards her. Prashanth attempted to explain that Rathika’s behavior had prompted his actions, but she refused to accept his explanation. It was a showdown that had everyone glued to their screens.


Nominated Contestants In Week 4

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As the tension between Rathika and Prashanth simmered, the nomination process remained a central focus. The contestants nominated for eviction in the fourth week included Tasty Teja, Priyanka Jain, Rathika Rose, Gautham Krishna, Subhasri Rayaguru, and Prince Yawar. With the stakes high, emotions ran even higher within the house. Not to be outdone, Yawar and Gautam Krishna found themselves engaged in a heated argument that nearly escalated to a physical altercation. Yawar also locked horns with Teja, unleashing his pent-up anger and frustration. The house was undoubtedly on edge.


Rathika vs. Shivaji: A Clash Of Words

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In a surprising twist, another confrontation unfolded, this time between Rathika and Shivaji. It revolved around a comment made by Shivaji in a previous episode, where he joked about clapping only when two hands are joined, a clear reference to Prashanth. Rathika took offense to this remark and accused Shivaji of crossing a line by commenting on her character. Shivaji tried to clarify that his comment was made in jest, but Rathika took it personally. She questioned how it was fair for him to pass judgment on her. Especially when he had treated her like a daughter in the house. Despite Shivaji’s apology, Rathika continued to discuss the matter with other housemates, further intensifying the tension.


All About Bigg Boss Telugu 7

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All these incidents suggest that Rathika is actively striving to create content for the week by engaging in disputes within the house. Her clashes with Prashanth and Shivaji have added an extra layer of drama to the show, keeping viewers hooked. In Week 4 of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, drama, arguments, and unexpected twists have taken center stage, with emotions running high and relationships being tested. It’s clear that this season of Bigg Boss Telugu has no shortage of entertainment for its viewers. Stay tuned for more updates as the drama continues to unfold in the Bigg Boss house.

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