These Bollywood Stars Had To Struggle For Long Time To Get Success In Bollywood

Some Of Them Had No Money To Make The Both Ends Meet

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Success doesn’t come overnight. Every successful story is written on the struggle. This is applied not only to common people but also on celebrities. Today, you see the successful Bollywood stars, but how much struggle they have done we don’t see that.

The lifestyle of the Bollywood stars always fascinates others. The reward of the success grows the impulse in people to try their luck in the B-Town. However, the road to success is not easy in Bollywood.

Furthermore, the popular stars had to struggle in the beginning. Today we have brought you some of the Bollywood stars who went against all odds to clinch success in Bollywood.


1. Manoj Bajpayee

Bollywood Stars

Now Manoj is a critically acclaimed actor. He wrestled with the tough time for straight seven years. He worked in a serial name Swabhiman and was paid only Rs 2000.


2. Devanand

Bollywood Stars

Devanand was a clerk. He used to earn Rs 85 per month but he had the desire to be an actor. He worked hard to achieve his dreams and after a long struggle of 7 years, he grabbed success.


3. Rajinikanth

Bollywood Stars

Rajinikanth is literally being worshipped in South India because of his amazing acting. However, in the beginning, he had to struggle for 9 years. To keep the food on the table, he used to work as a bus conductor.

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