Race 3 Making Video, Salman Khan Became Director And Anil Kapoor Became Cameraman

The Video Is Probably A Prank Made For Promotional Purpose


The trailer of the highly anticipated movie Race 3 has been out and now the Stars are busy in the promotion. Recently a video was uploaded to YouTube. The video features the entire cast of Race 3 and they are talking about the making of the movie. Salman Khan is seen directing the movie while Anil Kapoor was seen holding the camera. Undoubtedly, it is a prank video which is for the promotion of the movie.


Salman Khan As A Director In Race 3 Making Video

The Making Of Race 3

The video starts and Jacqueline Fernandez speaks about how the movie is being shot. She took the chopper and reached the shooting location. Where Salman Khan was seen directing the movie. He was quite pissed about the actors and said “ Kaun Banata hai in logo ko actor ”. On the other hand, a blood-covered Anil Kapoor was seen holding the camera and he had an intense look on his face.


“Don’t Trust Anything You See”

The Making Of Race 3

Apart from this, Bobby Deol, Daisy Shah, and Saqib Saleem are seen in doing their part. In the end, Remo D’Souza arrived and he said: “Don’t trust anything you see”. The last statement makes it clear that the video is just for the promotional purpose.


The Trailer Was Launched In 360 Degree On Facebook And Twitter

Race 3 Trailer

Race 3 was trending worldwide and finally, the trailer of Race 3 has been released at PVR Juhu. The trailer was live first time on 3D and also at 360 Degree on Facebook and Twitter.


Fresh Characters And Fresh Plot

Race 3 Trailer

The previous two films of the series plot around the story of Ranvir Singh played by Saif Ali Khan. Well, this time the film will have a whole new story and Salman Khan will play the role of Sikandar who is the protagonist in the movie.


Check the full video here

The video seems like a nice move for promotion. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

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