Cook With Comali 4 1st July 2023 CWC Elimination: Suresh Chakravarthy, Julia Mariana Episode

Cook with Comali Season 4 continues to entertain with an exciting Celebration Week, as Bigg Boss contestants join the show as special guests.

Cook With Comali 4 1st July 2023

The popular cooking show, Cook with Comali 4, aired its 45th episode on July 1, 2023, bringing in a delightful blend of culinary expertise and entertainment. In this special edition, it was Celebration Week, and to add more flavor to the festivities, former Bigg Boss contestants graced the show. The episode was filled with laughter, surprises, and nail-biting challenges.


Pairing The Talents

Cook With Comali 4 Today's ep

Host Manimegalai began the show by warmly welcoming the comalis, who was paired up with the Bigg Boss contestants. Actors Suresh Chakravarthy, Julia Mariana, KJ Janany, Aishwarya Dutta, and Balaji Murugadoss brought their charm and energy to the Cook with Comali kitchen.


Advantage Task: Pumpkins And Watermelons

The first advantage task showcased the comalis’ culinary skills with pumpkins. Teams had to prepare delicious pumpkin chips in larger quantities. While cooking together, they had to pair up and follow the rules diligently. Aishwarya Dutta received special permission to cook alone due to Kureishi’s injury. The second advantage task was a watermelon-eating challenge but with a twist. The teams had to devour the watermelon without using their hands, adding an element of fun and laughter to the episode.


Excitement And Fun Moments

Throughout the episode, there were many memorable moments. Mime Gopi and Sunita showcased their synchrony as a pair, while Kureishi praised Aishwarya for her culinary skills. Sivaangi and Thangadurai engaged in friendly banter, adding a lighthearted touch to the show. Pugazh stepped in to assist Aishwarya in peeling the pumpkin, and Suresh Chakravarthy appreciated Monisha for her valuable assistance.


The Rotating Pad Pairing

Cook With Comali 4 Elimination

One of the highlights of the episode was the unique pairing method. A rotating pad labeled “Cook with Comali” on one side and “Bigg Boss” on the other determined the pairs. Monisha and Suresh Chakravarthy, Kureishi and Aishwarya, Thangadurai, and Sivaangi, Sunita and Mime Gopi, and Barath and Janany were the dynamic duos formed through this exciting twist.


Tune In And Watch

Cook With Comali 4

Cook with Comali Season 4 Episode 45 provided an evening of entertainment, laughter, and mouthwatering dishes. Watch all the action on Star Vijay on Saturdays at 9:00 PM and Sundays at 9:30 PM. Disney+Hotstar also offers online streaming of the show. Cook with Comali Season 4 has garnered immense popularity with its unique blend of cooking and comedy. Viewers have been captivated by the show’s ability to present culinary skills in an entertaining manner. So don’t miss out on the excitement, and stay tuned for more delightful episodes.

In conclusion, Cook with Comali 4 Episode 45 showcased the festive spirit of Celebration Week with the addition of Bigg Boss contestants. The show continues to captivate viewers with its innovative format and delightful pairings. Stay tuned for more culinary adventures and entertainment with Cook with Comali Season 4!

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