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Jhanak 18th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

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The Jhanak episode from December 18, 2023, opens with Anirudh and Arshi chatting on the phone and asking one another to go shopping following the evening performance. He makes Arshi agree by telling her that all the Basus want her to be with him, and then they both give each other a flying kiss. While Anirudh and Arshi end the call and go on, Jhanak feels uncomfortable.

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Anirudh Supports Jhanak


But Aniruddh trips before Jhanak and asks, “What are you doing?”.  She replies that she is cleaning the house. Jhanak hasn’t brought her here to be his maid, so Anirudh urges her to stop cleaning, which makes Anirudh think of the wedding.

As Jhanak’s examinations are approaching, he advises her to study and requests that she provide her with a reading list so that she can prepare for them in Srinagar. Jhanak says no because Tejas is present, but Anirudh tells her not to worry because he will send police security if needed.

She tries to use her dance career to express her gratitude to him for helping to create Anirudh state.

Because dancing requires a lot of hard work, Jhanak says it is not for her, which causes Anirudh to wonder whether she is fleeing. Anirudh asserts that nothing exists without effort, and if she possesses these qualities, even the world will acknowledge her. He asks Jhanak to provide the book list and urges her to overcome life’s challenges. Jhanak thanks him, turns to leave, and Anirudh glances at her.


Arshi’s Performance

Arshi Jhanak

The Basus and Mukherjees go to Arshi’s dancing function in the auditorium. While Rumi and Mimi ask Jhanak to make coffee and juice, Chhoton invites her to demonstrate her dancing abilities.

When Arshi arrives to dance on stage in the auditorium, both families applaud her while Anirudh takes a photo of her. Jhanak then begins to dance effortlessly, captivating Chhoton and Apu with her impromptu moves.

Arshi enthralls the crowd with her dancing in the interim, and eventually, she finishes it. Jhanak ends her dance in the mansion, winning the family with her dancing. Anirudha’s family gets ready to exit as the anchor invites another performer to take the stage.


Arshi Goes Shopping

Arshi Jhanak

As Anirudh prepares to shop with Arshi, his parents invite Vinayak to celebrate Lakshmi Puja at home. Vinayak accepts the offer and asks Anirudha to drop Arshi off after pledging to be on time.

After that, Chhoton starts playing a song from Kashmir and requests that Jhanak dance again. Jhanak stops dancing when Anirudh’s family enters the room, giving her an angry glare.

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