1920 Horrors Of The Heart Box Office Performance: A Promising Third Week Ahead

"1920 Horrors of the Heart Surpasses 16 Crores at the Box Office, A Promising Third Week Ahead"

1920 Horrors Of The Heart 1st Day Box Office Collection

The horror drama film 1920 Horrors of the Heart, featuring Avika Gor, Rahul Dev, and Barkha Bisht, has left audiences pleasantly surprised with its box office performance. Despite its modest budget, the film has reached the 16 crore mark in just 15 days. As it enters its third week, the movie is set to benefit from increased showings, promising a successful run ahead.

Impressive Box Office Collections

1920 Horrors Of The Heart Barkha Bisht

1920 Horrors of the Heart commenced its theatrical journey with a strong start, considering its limited resources. The opening weekend witnessed a surge in collections. And the subsequent days saw a steady rise, effectively doubling the film’s earnings. Contrary to initial expectations, the movie successfully withstood competition from “SatyaPrem Ki Katha,” extending its theatrical run beyond six days.

Advantage In Week Three

1920 Horrors Of The Heart Trailer Ketaki Kulkarni

The current week holds an advantage for “1920 Horrors of the Heart” as the only new Hindi releases, “Neeyat” and “72 Hoorain,” did not require a significant number of screens. Consequently, the film has been allocated more showings, ensuring its continued presence until Tuesday. However, the release of “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” on Thursday will mark a transition for theaters.

Week Two Collections And Future Prospects

1920 Horrors Of The Heart Avika Gour

In its second week, the Avika Gor starrer amassed an impressive 3.50 crores at the box office. If the film maintains this momentum until the end of its run, it is poised to comfortably surpass the 19 crore mark, an admirable achievement for a production of its scale. The mixed-to-positive word-of-mouth and sustained viewer interest bode well for its overall performance.

Promising Third Week

With the number of showings set to increase in its third week, 1920 Horrors of the Heart is expected to witness a surge in its box office collections. The film’s captivating narrative and engaging performances have garnered praise from audiences, contributing to its longevity on the silver screen. So the filmmakers and the cast can celebrate their well-deserved success, knowing that their efforts have paid off.

1920 Horrors of the Heart has carved its place in the horror genre with a strong showing at the box office. The film’s earnings have exceeded expectations, particularly given its budget constraints. As it enters its third week, the increased count of shows promises a boost in collections. Therefore audiences can look forward to experiencing the gripping tale of “1920 Horrors of the Heart” for a little longer before the arrival of “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.”

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