Aladdin Movie Review: The Extravagant Remake Is Delightful To Watch


One of the most anticipated movies of Disney’s Aladdin got released today along with the biopic of PM Narendra Modi starring Vivek Oberoi playing a titular role and Arjun Kapoor’s India’s Most Wanted. Disney’s Aladdin is a remake of 1992 animated musical fantasy movie Aladdin.


Aladdin Movie Story


Aladdin is a story of a local thief name Aladdin played by Mena Massoud from the Agrabah kingdom and falls in love with the Princess of Agrabah Jasmine portrayed by Naomi Scott. On his way, there is Vazir Jafar played by Marwan Kenzari and advisor of Sultan portrayed by Navid Negahban. They stop Aladdin and put the condition to bring the magical lamp. That magical lamp has Genie that grant three wishes.


Aladdin Movie Review


The story of Aladdin and Genie is well known. The character of Genie played by Will Smith wins the spotlight. His presence in the movie is a treat to the audiences. The movie is an adaptation of animated classic 1992’s Aladdin. Marwan Kenzari played the role of Jafar quite well. Kids of 1990s are well aware of this classic animated series with the same name. The direction of the movie lacks in patches. The songs don’t do justice with this two hours eight-minute long movie. However, the story of Aladdin and Jasmine are attractive enough to take you to the theatre.


If you have not watched the trailer yet, you can watch the trailer below

We give this remake of Aladdin 3.5 stars out of 5. Have you watched the movie? How did you find? Let us know in the comments below. Also, you can check the reviews of two other movies which released today. Reviews of India’s Most Wanted and reviews of PM Narendra Modi.

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