Are You Missing Classic TV Serials? ZEE5 Has Them All

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There is an old saying that “Old Is Gold”, and, there are a lot of Classic TV serials that proves this statement true. With time, we miss our favorite TV serial but thanks to ZEE5 that has brought them back to us. Now you can watch those serials and can relive your old memories that are attached to them. So, let us take a look at the Classic TV serials which are available on ZEE5.


Banegi Apni Baat

Classiv TV Serials

The Indian drama serial aired from 1993 to 1997 on Zee TV and it revolved around the theme of college life, becoming an instant hit among the youth. The college life that is shown in the serial is something that the youth of that era could relate to. From teasing the teachers to the burden of study, it has highlighted almost everything that each guy go through during his/her college life. Furthermore, the show was the first break for now-acclaimed actors Irrfan Khan and R Madhavan. The show also showed the after college life when the students make a transition into the professional world. Most of us haven’t watched this TV serial but thanks to ZEE5 for making this iconic serial available to us.


Hum Paanch

Classic TV Serials Hum Paanch

This is one of the best sitcom serials that has been ever aired on Zee TV. It revolves around Anand Mathur (Ashok Saraf) who works as a sales representative in a medicine factory. He usually gets trapped up by the troubles which have been generated by his five daughters.  The funny situations of the family show the love between them in a comical way and it makes the show insanely appealing. If you love sitcoms, you should definitely watch this one.



Classiv TV Serials

Amanat is an Indian drama series that premiered back in 1997. It went on to become one of the best TV series of its time and had generated a huge amount of TRP. The soap opera revolved around Lahauri Ram who came from Lahore to India during the partition. After the partition, the country had seen many changes and the series mentions the change that no one mentioned earlier. It shows how it got corrupt on the name of progress and development. Lahauri Ram is a man of high values and throughout the entire series, his values remain firm. Same goes for his seven daughters who share a deep bond among themselves. And, the bond was tested time after time in the series but the love of the family got stronger and stronger.


Hip Hip Hurray!

Classiv TV Serials

The television series was aired in the late 90s. The plot of the series revolved around the lives of students and the things that were affecting them at that time. The run of“Hip Hip Hurray” spans across two seasons. The first season shows the life of 12th-grade students, their hopes and their fears. It also showed how dating, drugs, and exams bring a change in their life. However, the second season shows the campus life of the students.

So, do you now feel like revisiting these Classic TV serials? Then go ahead and check out ZEE5 for a satisfying binge dipped in nostalgia.

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