India’s Most Wanted Movie Review: Arjun Kapoor Thriller Has Little To Make An Impact

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A spy thriller India’s Most Wanted is released today. Arjun Kapoor, Rajesh Sharma starrer India’s Most Wanted honestly has very little to make an impact. Directed By Raj Kumar Gupta, the film was promised to be the edge of the seat nail biting thriller from its trailer but will fail to create the magic.


India’s Most Wanted Story

India's Most Wanted Movie Review

Inspired by True Events, India’s Most Wanted is a story of a group of intelligent officers led by protagonist Arjun Kapoor portraying the role of Prabhat who tracks down India’s most wanted terrorist. It has the backdrop of Nepal where terrorist is hiding. Arjun Kapoor gets input from his sources and tells his boss Rajesh Singh played by Rajesh Sharma that he needs a team to catch India’s most wanted terrorist. But due to the slow process, Prabhat brings his own four members to get rid of this terrorist.

India's Most Wanted Movie Review

He goes with his team to Nepal without any support and backs up from the organization, without weapons and not even monetary support to catch India’s Osama. They have to deal with Pakistani forces and Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI). Even they are getting little to no help from the locals. Will they able to capture India’s most wanted in given four days?


India’s Most Wanted Review

India's Most Wanted

The film is good in parts but due to its poor editing and snail’s speed screenplay, the two-hour movie also looks long. There are a couple of songs which are poorly placed and there was no need for them to be in the movie. The lack of dramatization makes it a slow-paced crime drama instead of the edge of a seat thriller.  Music does not suit well according to the script. A genuine effort from Raj Kumar Gupta to make a good thriller but it will go unnoticed because of its pace and poor editing.

Based on all these aspects, we give 2.5 stars out of 5 to India’s Most Wanted. There are a couple of more movies which got released today the biopic of PM Narendra Modi and Walt Disney’s Aladdin. You can also check out the reviews of PM Narendra Modi and Walt Disney’s Aladdin.

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