Exclusive: ‘Talking About Mental Health Is Must,’ Said Actor Vikram Mastal

Vikram Mastal on Mental Health

The death of Sidharth Shukla has shocked the entire nation. Sidharth Shukla was one of the most popular actors on Indian television. Unfortunately, we lost him at the age of a mere 40. According to the reports, he suffered a heart attack. Sidharth was known as one of the fittest actors in the industry. His sudden death has left the industry shell-shocked. Recently actor Vikram Mastal talks about fitness, diet, and mental health.

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Vikram Mastal is one of the amazing and action-packed actors in the Bollywood industry. In an interview with Cinetales, Vikram Mastal urges people to focus on their mental health. Vikram said,

“We don’t know how a person is going through from inside. Maybe he will look fit from outside, laughing, smiling, talking, but from inside maybe he is suffering. The stress takes a lot from you and you do not realize it early. The stress of new projects, fitness, personal and professional life breaks the person. I am not talking specifically about Sidharth Shukla here. Here I am saying in general. The stress is there in every profession, in the entertainment industry, in the software industry, everywhere. The project deadline, workload, late-night shifts, it disturbs your physical and mental life. The problem is we feel shy talking about it.”

Vikram Mastal said that people these days look for fast results and sometimes they play with their body and also mental health. He added,

“These days, we see people want to build their bodies and want to see immediate results. For early results, like for say girls, they stop eating to look fit. If any girl model has a photo shoot in the coming days, she stops eating to look fit. However, by doing this, they play with their health. It is not right. This can be dangerous. It can seriously affect your health physically and mentally.

If we talk about boys, for building muscles or six-pack abs, some of them take steroids that are dangerous. I urge people to not take risks with their lives. If anything happens to you, your parents and loved ones will suffer a lot. You can’t be an engineer in a day, you can’t be a doctor in a day, it takes lots of effort, study to become one. There is no shortcut to success. Similarly making body also requires time and proper diet.”

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Vikram Mastal also talked about how diet plays an important role in your body to get good results. He said, he became a pure vegetarian and has seen drastic changes in his body. Vikram Mastal said,

“Diet plays an important role in your life. Whether you want a transformation in the body or want to become fit, every game is of diet. If you go and do gym for 2 hours and after that, you will eat Butter Naan, Chole Bhature, etc., you will not get results. It is a myth that you can build your body only by having a non-vegetarian diet. Ever since I became a pure vegetarian, I have seen amazing changes in my body. My body became more energetic and active. I have stopped taking the meal after 7 PM. Eat healthy food. Add green leafy vegetables, pulses, to your diet. Avoid eating junk food at any cost. There were not many heart attacks or cancer kinds of diseases 25 years before. But now they are growing and it is because of our unhealthy lifestyle.”

Vikram Mastal talked about how to cope up with mental health. He stressed the fact that talk to people, open your heart out. He concluded by saying,

“See, there are challenges in every step of life. The corona pandemic has also spoiled the life of many people. Many people are suffering from problems like depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, insomnia, behavioral and emotional disorders, etc. These days people stay in a neutral family, or even alone far from home for studies, work, or even jobs. You feel stress, you even suffer from work pressure and sometimes you do not have anyone to whom you can express your pain and emotions. We are humans and we have emotions. If something happens to you, you don’t suffer alone, your entire family, friends, and loved ones suffers along with you. It is better to pour your heart out. Talk to your friends, families, share your problem.”

Vikram Mastal is known for his role as Lord Hanuman from the iconic Ramayan telecasted in NDTV Imagine. He made his debut in the movie Suspense. He was recently seen in the web series Assi Nabbe Poore Sau. We completely agree with Vikram Mastal. What do you guys think about the thoughts shared by Vikram Mastal? Let us know in the comments below.

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